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This is my great-grandfather, Karl Johan Andreassen LIAN
(known as Charles S. Lean in the US)

This is my great-grandfather, Karl Johan Andreassen Lian (aka Charles S. Lean)

The following are records that I have collected on my family from Norway. If any of these records link up with your family, please contact me via email.

1865 CENSUS - AKERSHUS County, ASKER Parish, NORWAY living at the Nordlien farm:

Tellingsår: 1865
Kommune: Asker
Kommunenummer: 0220
Digitalarkivet: 1865-telling for 0220 Asker
Distriknr Skoledistrikt Sogn Prestegjeld Gardsnavn
362 3 Østenstad Askers Askers Nordlien
Pnr Nytt hushold Fornavn Etternavn Familiestatus Yrke Sivilstand Alder Kjønn Fødested
2359 1 1 Andreas Syversen hf Skomager g 49 m Ringeriget
2360 2 Lovise Jensdatter hans Kone g 44 k Bærum
2361 3 Edvard Andreasen deres Søn ug 16 m Bærum
2362 4 Julius Andreasen deres Søn ug 13 m Bærum
2363 5 Bernt Andreasen deres Søn ug 10 m Asker
2364 6 Maren D. Andreasdatter deres Datter ug 8 k Asker
2365 7 Birgitte Andreasdatter deres Datter ug 6 k Asker
2366 8 Karl Johan Andreasen deres Søn ug 3 m Asker
Pnr Nytt hushold Fornavn Etternavn Familiestatus Yrke Sivilstand Alder Kjønn Fødested

1875 CENSUS - BUSKERUD County, LIER parish living at Lian farm:

This is the Lian-Mellum or "middle" Lian farm #70a1.
We have the actual copy of the census.

Andreas Syversen LIAN, ??? shoemaker b 1816 Ringerike
Lovise Jensdatter, wife [2nd wife?] b 1822 Baerum
Martin Andreasen, son b 1836 Baerum, Docker and Yardman
Soren J. Andreasen, son b 1852 Baerum, Works for timber merchant (Skifter??) in Drammen
Bernt Andreasen, son b 1855 Baerum, sailor
Birgitte Otilie Andreasdatter b 1860 Aker, helps parents
*Karl Johan Andreassen b 1862 Aker, helps parents
Anton Hansen, hired boy b 1851 Lier, Boy Servant
Gunder Markussen, hired boy b 1870 Lier, Boy Servant -- [later shown as Gust M. Hoff who died 19 Apr 1956, born 13 Oct 1872 Norway, buried Crystal Lake Cemetery, by Sundseth-Anderson Funeral Home, Minneapolis MN]

Passenger Ship Records

Now: *Karl Johan Andreassen b 1862 was my great-grandfather. He came to the US sailing from OSLO on the ship "Cameo" on 20 Oct 1882, going to Duluth, MN with a prepaid ticket -- his name on the passenger list was Karl Johan Siversen, age 19, shoemaker from Lier.

Birth/Baptism Records - Vestre Aker, Christiania (now Oslo), Norway:

In the Vestre Aker church records in Oslo we find: *Karl Johan Andreassen was born March 7, 1863, baptised on Sep 27, 1863 as Carl Johan, son of (shoemaker) Anders Syversen and Louise Jensdatter. In 1863 they are living at Briskebye.

Also in the Vestre Aker church records in Oslo we find: His sister, Bergithe Otilie, was born September 24, 1860, with baptism on Nov 4, 1860, daughter of (shoemaker) Adnreas Sÿversen and Lovise Jensdatter, and it shows they are then living at Nydalen.

Confirmation Records - Lier, Buskerud, Norway, Frogner Church:

In 1879 we find the confirmation records at Frogner on May 4, 1879 of Karl Johan Andreasen Lian, born March 7, 1863 at Vestre Aker, son of Andreas Sÿversen Lian and wife, Lovise Jensdatter.

Also in the Frogner Church records in Lier, we find the confirmation records on May 7, 1876 of Birgitte Andreasdatter, born September 24, 1860 at Vestre Aker (Oslo), daughter of Andreas Sÿversen and Lovise Jensdatter.

Marriage Records - Modum, Buskerud, Norway:

In the 1889 Modum church records we find a marriage: On May 10, 1889 Kristian Korneliussen b 1863 in Modeum, son of Kornelius Hansen; married Bergitte Andreasdatter Fossum, b 1862 [note: date is wrong] at Lier, daughter of Andreas Sÿvertsen of Lier.


In 1882 my great-grandfather (Johan Karl Andreassen Lian) left Christiania, Norway for the US. He left behind a brother, who was a ships-captain, who lived in Drammen along with his family. This brother's name at birth was Bernt Andreassen, but he later changed his name to Bernt Syvertsen (after his grandfather). Bernt was lost at sea sometime after 1900 on a ship between England and the US. We are looking for his descendants. The family in the 1900 Drammen Census showed the following:

474 Drammen 29 15 Storgaden 52a Vaaningshus Forretningslokale 3 Etages Sidebygning n 3 2 3 2 E: Eier/Bruger ifølge jordbrugsschema er P Smith Kjøbmand Klaveforretning

5009 1 Bernt Syverts. m f "temporarily away in England" hf g Dampskibsfører born1856 Vestre Aker Ak n
5010 Mathilde Kathrine Syverts. k b hm g born 1865 t n
5011 Hans Andreas Syverts. m b s ug born 1886 t n [born October 4, 1886]
5012 Ellen Lovise Syverts. k b d ug born 1890 t n [born October 23, 1890]
5013 Bjarne Mathias Syverts. m b s ug born 1892 t n [born Juli 14, 1892]
5014 Erling Syverts. m b s ug born 1894 t n [born November 12, 1894]
5015 Bernt Johan Syverts. m b s ug born 1897 t n
5016 Finn Syverts. m b s ug born 30-04-1900 t n

Additional Notes on the Family -- 2 family members came to the US:

Note: When Bergitte came to the U.S. she went by the name of Mathilda Bergetta Sivertsen Fossum. Her husband was Christian or Chris Fossum. They came to the US and lived in Moose Lake, MN. WHY IS SHE SHOWN AS FOSSUM in the marriage records…..was she living on the Fossum farm in 1889?

Charles S. Lean was living in Minneapolis in 1888 living in Minneapolis, MN (Chas. Syversen Lean). We know that he had "land claim papers" someplace in the DAKOTAS (Dakota Territory) during the 6 year time frame from 1882-1888......but have never been able to find them. Possibly he took the land claim out under a different name?

Charles S. Lean belonged to the Falcon Cycle Club, while living in Minneapolis MN [I have a great picture showing all the members on their bicyles]. Contact me if you would like the names of members.

He worked for Janney, Semple and Co, and Marshall-Wells Company while living in Minneapolis.

Citizenship Papers:

He received his citizenship papers on 29 Oct 1888, in the County of Hennepin, state of Minnesota. His two sponsors were: Crist Christenson and Johan Gustaf Carlson.

Marriage Record for Charles S. Lean:

Charles S. LEAN married on 3rd Nov 1891 to Olena Maria Rasmusdatter HORN in Minneapolis, MN at City Temple Church, with Peder P. Sether and Malina Sether as witnesses.

Charles & Olena Lean had three children in Minneapolis:
1) Conrad Lean b 4 Aug 1892
2) Leonard Lean b 24 Sep 1894
3) Thelma Liana Lean b 3 May 1899 (later married Alfred Gettmann) -- (my grandparents)

Charles & Olean Lean purchase land in Coos Bay, Oregon in 1905, but nothing is ever built there.....they eventually sell the land.....and remain in Minneapolis.

Charles & Olena Lean then move to Milwaukie, Oregon about 1919 and purchase land there.....they live the rest of their lives there with their 3 children.

Application for Passport:

In 1923, Charles S. Lean applied for a passport.....on the "passport application" to return to Norway to visit relatives, he shows that his father's name is Andrew Lean (Andreas), and he shows that his father is deceased. He also uses his "land claim" papers for identification, but doesn't give location of land claim......just says "Dakotas". He also has several savings accounts under the name "Charles S. Lean" in Oslo at the time.

Records from the Baerum, Akerhus, Church in Norway. These are both older brothers to my great-grandfather, Johan Carl Sÿversen LIAN b in 1863 in Lier, Buskerud, Norway.

#1 - Baptism record of Edvard Andreassen b 8 Feb 1851 in Baerum, Akershus, Norway

#2 - Baptism record of Søren Julius Andreassen b 22 May 1853 in Baerum, Akershus, Norway

Records from the Vestre Aker, Church in Norway. These are 2 sisters to my great-grandfather, Johan Carl Sÿversen LIAN b in 1863 in Lier, Buskerud, Norway.

#1 - Baptism record of Maren Dorthea Andreasdatter b 21 Aug1858, baptized 26 Dec 1858 in Vestre Aker Church Records, Norway. They were living at Nÿdalen.

#2 - Baptism record of Birgithe Otilie Andreasdatter b 24 Sep 1860, baptized 4 Nov 1860 in Vestre Aker, Norway


Date - Place - Description of What happened on that date 1764 - Norderhov, Buskerud -- Ragnil Ulricsdatter born (grandmother of Andreas Syvertsen)
1765 - Norderhov, Buskerud -- Bjørn Sivertsen born (grandfather of Andreas Syvertsen)
1794 - Norderhov, Buskerud -- Sivert Bjørnsen born (father of Andreas Syvertsen)
1801 - Scholrud farm, Nordrehov, Buskerud -- Sivert Bjørnsen Family living there.
1815, 8 April - Ringerike, Buskerud - Andreas Sÿvertsen born.
1815, 16 April - Ringerike, Buskerud - Andreas Syvertsen baptized
1822, 20 March - Ousteie, Bærum, Akerhus - Lovise Jensdatter born
1822, 4 April - Haslum Church, Bærum, Akerhus -- Lovise Jensdatter baptized
1831, December - Snarøya, Asker, Akerhus - Anne Mikkelsdatter dies (mother of Lovise)
1844, 28 January - Hosle, Bærum, Akerhus - Christopher Anton Andreassen born.
1846, 24 May - Nadderud, Bærum, Akerhus, Asker - Martin Andreassen born.
1847, 17 Oct - Næstadeie, Akerhus - marriage Andreas Syvertsen / Lovise Jensdatter.
1847 - Alme, Norderhov, Buskerud in Haug --Syver Bjørnsen living (father of Andreas).
1847 - Ousteie, Akerhus --Jens Iversen living (father of Lovise Jensdatter)
1848, 26 September - Wøldseie, Bærum, Akerhus, - Inger Marie Andreasdatter bornand baptized 12 Nov 1848.
1850, December 8 - Øvre Woldsvei, Østre Bærum, Akerhus - Edvard Andreassen born.
1853, 22 May - Ballerudeie, Bærum, Akerhus - Søren Julius Andreassen born.
1856, 26 June - Tåsen, Vestre Aker, Akerhus - Bernt Andreassen born [a municipality outside Kristiania (Oslo)].
1858, 21 Aug - Nydalen. Vestre Aker, Christiania -- Maren Dorthea Andreasdatter born.
1860, 24 Sep - Nydalen. Vestre Aker, Christiania - Bergithe Otilie Andreasdatter born.
1862, 5th October - Vestre Aker, Christiania - Inger Marie Andreasdatter confirmed.
1863, 27 Sep - Briskebye, Vestre Aker, Christiania - Karl Johan Andreassen born.
1865 -- Nordlien, Asker, Akerhus - 1865 Census shows them living on the Nordlien farm in Asker parish 0220 - Østenstad.
1866, 7th October - Konfirmation of Edvard Andreassen in Asker, Akerhus church records (7th October) living at Østre eie.
1868, 26th December - Marriage of daughter, Inger Marie Andreasdatter to Anton Knutsen from Østenstad 1871 - Birth of son (Herald Alfred Antonsen) to Inger Marie Andreasdatter & husband, Anton Knutsen at Østenstad, Asker.
1872, 14th April - Konfirmation of Bernt Andreassen in Lier, Buskerud. (shown on marriage certificate)
1873 - Moved to LIER, Buskerud, Norway (probably moved there in 1872, see above)
1874 - Lier -- Konfirmation on 19 April 1874 in Frogner, Lier, Norway for Maren Dortea Andreasdr of Lian Eie born 21 Aug 1858. (Eie is a cotters place)
1875, December -- Lier, Buskerud, LIAN mellum farm - Census shows them living in Lier on the Lian farm in 1875
1876 - Sandaker Eie, Buskerud, -- Konfirmation in the Frogner Church on 7 May 1876 for Birgitte Andreasdatter born on 24 Sept 1860 living at Sandaker.
1879 - Lier, Buskerud - Konfirmation in the Frogner Church for Karl Johan Andreassen on May 4, 1879
1882 - Lier, Buskerud - Came to America - Karl Johan Andreassen LIAN left Christiania on ship Cameo Nov 1882 going to Duluth, MN - says he was living in Lier
1885 - Bernt Syvertsen gets married in Drammen, Buskerud to Mathilde Kathrine Christiansdtr, and his brother Edvard Andreassen is a witness. Both shown as "ship captains".
1889 - Lier, Buskerud (Bergitte is living in Lier) - Marriage in Modum, Buskerud - May 10, 1889 Marriage of Bergitte Andreasdatter Fossum to Kristian Korneliussen of Modum.
1893, 13 February - Skomager (Shoemaker) Andreas Syvertsen dies in Lier, Buskerud, Norway, buried at Frogner Kirke on 19 Feb 1893.
1893, 1st Oct - Drammen, Norway, confirmation of child of ship's captain Edvard Andreassen and wife Caroline Christiansen (Christian Edvard Andreassen born 23/10/78)
1900 -- Drammen, Buskerud - Found census information on Bernt (Andreassen) Syvertsen, ship-captain living in Drammen, but temporarily away in England. He had 6 children:
Hans Andreas, Ellen Lovise, Bjarne Mathias, Erling, Bernt Johan, & Finn --- all lastname of Syvertsen.
1902 -- Drammen, Norway - birth of stillborn child to Bernt Syvertsen & wife.
1915 - Hans Andreas Syvertsen b 1886 (son of Bernt) married Alfhild Jonette Gotaas (b 1890 Bodo) in 1915 in Cardiff, Wales.
1916, 9th March - Death of Bernt Andreassen, LeHavre France.
1919, 22nd December - Birth of Hans Gotaas Syvertsen, born to Hans Andreas Syvertsen & wife in Drammen, Buskerud.
1920, 8 May - Death of Hans Andreas Syvertsen (son of Bernt Syvertsen), died in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, England.
1936, 13th August - Death of Finn Syvertsen (son of Bernt) - died in Shanghai, China
1938, 21st February - Milwaukie, Oregon USA - Death of Charles Syvertsen Lian (aka Karl Johan Andreassen Lian)
1944, 15th October - Moose Lake, Minnesota, USA - Death of Bergithe Otilie Andreasdatter (aka Matilda Fossum)
1966, June - Bert Syvertsen (son of Bernt Syvertsen) dies in Brooklyn, NY, buried at Green-Wood Cemetery.

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