We have many families in Russia and Germany who are trying to make contact with their families that are living in the USA and Canada. Please check the following Queries to see if these might be some of YOUR LOST FAMILY...

HARTUNG -- Looking for information on Heinrich Hartung [living in Germany] who was born in Brunnental 1 Dec 1913. The following German Newspaper carried his picture and the following for his birthday celebration in 1993:

Wer durchs Leben geht mit Liedern,
ehrlich und mit Schwung,
der ist mit 80 Jahren auch noch jung!
Er stand und steht mit Rat and Tat
alt und jung best:andig zur Seite,
brachte vielen Herzen Lebensmut und Freude.

Wir Gratulieren meinem Ehegatten, unserem Papa, Opa and Uropa.


geb in Brunnental, heerzlich zu seinem 80. Geburtstag am 1.12.1993. Wir W:unschen ihm, DaB er noch viele Jahre so jung bleibt wie heute.

Ehagattin Ida, dazu Jury, Elvira, Agnes, Alexander, Konstantin, Tamara, Andrej, Tanja, Lyda, Eleonore, Michael, Lenchen und...

HELZER / H:OLZER -- Mrs. Emma H:olzer of Germany writes: I was born in Brunnental in 1925, and was deported to Kazahkstan in 1941. I had a brother Arthur Helzer who became a soldier in the Red Army in 1941. He was sent to the front, never to be heard from again. My father was Friedrich Helzer born 14 January 1885 in Brunnental, and my mother was Emma Deredt born 1901 in Baku. My father went to the US in 1910 to visit his brother (first name unknown). My grandparents were Heinrich Helzer and ???, also born in Brunnental, year unknown. [we have pictures of both Arthur and Friedrich Helzer]

If you have any information on my Helzer family, please write to me at:
Emma H:olzer
Spielberger Str. 3
72227 Egenhausen

SEIBEL -- Karl Groth of Paderborn, Germany is looking for his relatives, the family of Jacob Seibel. Jacob Seibel left Brunnental, Russia in 1921 and emigrated to the U.S. He left behind his first wife, Susanna (Rhein) Seibel b 1901/02, who couldn't enter the US because of disease. Susan (Rhein) Seibel also had an uncle Gottlieb Rhein (or Heinrich?) and wife Olga, with children: Andreas, Albert, Ewald, Anna & Maria, who were to have come to the US also.

If anyone has information about these Seibel or Rhein relatives, please contact Sherrie Stahl