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                Editors Note:  The following listings were extracted from a variety of different sources:  AHSGR Passenger Listings in their CLUES or Work Papers as noted, "naturalization papers" for various individuals, and through private research by various individual including myself.  These passenger listings  will include the name of the vessel, its departure & arrival dates and ports, and the names of the individuals who were on that particular ship.  I am also including ages, sex, description, and destination if given on the passenger list.  Information in brackets is additional info such as maiden name of wife, RIN numbers in the Brunnental Data Bank, etc.]  I’ve tried to put the list in chronological order.

                If you know the name of the ship, the date of arrival and departure, have a ship's passenger listing for your relatives from Brunnental, or maybe even a picture or description of the ship, please let me know and I will include this information on our site.  We would like to have immigration data on all people who left Brunnental traveling to various ports in whatever town was their destination.


                Some of the listings below were found in the AHSGR Journals, WorkPapers or Clues, and will be noted as such.  For copies of these publications, please write to AHSGR, 631 D Street, Lincoln NE 68502-1199 or contact them by phone at 402-474-3363, or visit their website:   http://www.ahsgr.org




S.S. North German Lloyd & Salier

Depart Bremen (Nov 1875?)

Arrive New York 3 Jan 1876

    (all went to Kansas)


KISTER, Peter, age 22, male, farmer, b Russia, going to US, steerage

KISTER, Christine, age 21, female, b Russia, going to US, steerage


GISICK, Geo, age 22, male, farmer, b Russia, going to US, steerage

GISICK, Catha Marg., age 21, female, none, b Russia, going to US, steerage


POPP, Joseph, age 22, male, farmer, b Russia, going to US, steerage


RINs  46423, 46424, 21575, 23115, 5076

S.S. City of Montreal

Depart Liverpool

Arrive New York 06 Jan 1876

ASCHEMEYER (ASCHENBRENNER), Conrad M 18 Jan 1827 49 farmer 
ASCHEMEYER (ASCHENBRENNER), Catherine F 17 Jan 1830 46 wife 
ASCHEMEYER (ASCHENBRENNER), Heinrich M 11 Jan 1854 22 mason 
ASCHEMEYER (ASCHENBRENNER), Peter M 10 Jan 1859 17 mason 
ASCHEMEYER (ASCHENBRENNER), Phillip M 09 Jan 1862 14 mason 
ASCHEMEYER (ASCHENBRENNER), Christine F 11 Jan 1856 20 spinster
ASCHEMEYER (ASCHENBRENNER), Edith F 08 Jan 1866 10 child 
ASCHEMEYER (ASCHENBRENNER), Conrad M 07 Jan 1871 5 child 
ASCHEMEYER (ASCHENBRENNER), Wilhelmina F 07 Jan 1872 4 child 
ASCHEMEYER (ASCHENBRENNER), Elisabeth F 06 Jan 1874 2 child 


Mennonite Ships 1872-1904,

by Jay Hubert, Odessia Digital Library





Note:  The following passenger list [S.S. Polaria] was extracted from the AHSGR Workpaper #24 - Fall, 1977.


S.S. Polaria

Departure ???? Hamburg

Arrival NY 2 June 1886

                    GROTH, Heinrich, 50, male, from Brunnental

                          , Barbara, 49, female, wife

[Henry & Barbara Groth are RIN #’s 8157 & 13507 in the Brunnental Data Bank.]


                    BREHM, Johann, 44, male, from Brunnental

                           , Anna, 42, female, wife

                           , Christine, 20, female

                           , Johann, 17, male

                           , Anna, 14, female

                           , Alexander, 4, male

                           , Heinrich, 11 months, male

[John & Anna (Kindsfather) Brehm are RIN #s 8532 & 10433 in the Brunnental Data Bank.  Their oldest daughter Christine Brehm, married Henry GROTH, son of Henry & Barbara Groth above]



S.S. Suevia

Departure from Brangenow, Russia

Arrival NY 4 June 1886

                    BLOCK, Johann, 20, from Saratow, Russia

                           [RIN 14919]


Note: The above passenger list [S.S. Suevia] was extracted from the AHSGR Workpaper #24 - Fall, 1977 Edition (page 79).



S.S. Suevia

Depart Hamburg _____?

Arrive New York, 17 June 1886


          #27. GROTH, Henry, age 22, farmer, going to Harford NE, from Brunnenthal, Russia

          #28. GROTH, Christine, age 21, wife, same

- - - - - - - -

          #34. GROTH, Heinrich, age 50, farmer, going to Harford NE, from Brunnenthal, Russia

          #35. GROTH, Barbara, age 49, wife, same

- - - - - - - -

          #36. ZEILER, Heinrich, age 39, farmer, going to ____?, KS, from Brunnenthal, Russia

          #37. ZEILER Anna, age 38, wife, same

          #38. ZEILER, Catharine, age 9, child, same

          #39. ZEILER , Conrad, age 8, child, same

          #40. ZEILER , George, age 5, child, same

          #41. ZEILER,  Jacob, age 3, child, same

          #41. ZEILER , Heinrich, 11 months, baby, same

- - - - - - -

           #60 BREHM, Johann, age 44, male, farmer, going to Nebraska, from Brunnenthal, Russia

           #61 BREHM, Anna, age 42, female, wife, same

           #62 BREHM, Christine, age 20, female, child, same

           #63 BREHM, Johann, age 17, male, child, same

           #64 BREHM, Anna, age 14, female, child, same

           #65 BREHM, Alexander, age 4, male, child, same

           #66 BREHM, Heinrich, age 11 months, male, baby




S.S. Saale

Depart Bremen Nov 1886

Arrive NY 22 Nov 1886


     HEIN, Georg, farmer, age 27,

     HEIN, Amalie, wife, age 25

     HEIN, Anna, child, age 4

     HEIN, Amalie, child, age 2


These are RINs 1828, 1825, and 2774 in the Brunnental Data Bank




S.S. Hermann  (has been referred to as the SS Herringen, but ship list shows Hermann)

Depart Bremen abt Dec 7, 1886

Arrive Baltimore Dec 23, 1886


     HELSER, Conrad, age 51, male, farmer, going to Baltimore, b Russia

     HELSER, Dorothea, age 48, female, wife, same

     HELSER, Margaretha, age 20, female, same

     HELSER, Helena, age 18, female, same

     HELSER, Clara, age 16, female, same

     HELSER, Elise, age 11, female, same

     HELSER, Heinrich, age 9, male, same

     HELSER, Conrad, age 3, male, same

     HELSER, Marie, age 6, female, same

 RIN 9334


     BLOCK, Heinrich, age 24, iron dealer, male, same [he later married Margarethe Helser above]***

RIN 9388


     BLOCK, Nicholas, age 26, workman, male, same

     BLOCK, Elisabeth, age 34, female, same

     BLOCK, Anna, age 39, female, same

     BLOCK, Marie, age 5, female, same

     BLOCK, Heinrich, age 3, male, same

RIN 9336

- - -

      Müller, Peter, age 20, male, farmer, b Rus

      Müller, Christine, age 20, female, wife (she is a Helser)

      Müller, Jacob Heinrich, age 11/12, male, infant

RIN 51666



S. S. Aller

Depart Bremen, Germany __________?

Arrive New York on 25 Dec 1886


    HERGERT, Jacob , age 41 M  depart Bremen Germany,  going to USA,  born RUS 

    HERGERT, Eva age 41 F Bremen, Germany USA RUS

    HERGERT, Catha , age  19 F Bremen, Germany USA RUS

    HERGERT, Elisabeth, age 19 F Bremen, Germany USA RUS

    HERGERT, Jacob , age 16 M Bremen, Germany USA RUS 

    HERGERT, Marga , age 9 F Bremen, Germany USA RUS  

    HERGERT, Eva , age 8 F Bremen, Germany USA RUS

    HERGERT, Maria , age 3 F Bremen, Germany USA RUS

    HERGERT, Anna , age  6/12 F Bremen, Germany USA RUS

Source Information: Ancestry.com. New York Passenger Lists, 1851-1891 [database online]. Provo, Utah: MyFamily.com, Inc., 2003. Original data: New York. Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1820-1897. Micropublication M237. Rolls # 95-580 . National Archives, Washington, D.C.


 SS Trave   (found on ancestry.com)

Departed ???

Arrive New York 10 June 1887


line 454, John DORR, age 51, farmer, Russia, Brunnenthal

line 455, Louise DORR, age 50, cause of death/date of death: 22  20 ??, Russia, Brunnenthal

line 456, Georg DORR, age 24, laborer?, Russia, Brunnenthal

line 457, Hener DORR, age 17, Russia, Brunnenthal

line 458, Cath DORR, age 21, Russia, Brunnenthal

line 459, Anna DORR, age 4, Russia, Brunnenthal

line 460 Maria DORR, age 11/12 (this is in the column for months, Russia, Brunnenthal

line 461, Barbara DORR, age 6, cause of death & date of death 2  4 ??, Russia, Brunnenthal


This is RIN 17952 in the Brunnental Data Bank




S.S. Switzerland
Depart from Antwerp
Arrived: Philadelphia, PA - Sept. 10, 1890

  BATT, Georg, 20, Russia, workman, destination: Marion, KS
  BATT, Anna, 22, Russia, wife (mn BAUM)
  BATT, Charlotte, 7 mo., Russia, child






Departed Bremen Oct 1890

arrived Baltimore on 25 Oct 1890 

(we do not have copy of this listing yet…..so no detail on ages of family, just estimates)


   GROTH, Jacob, head, abt 46

   GROTH, Katherine, wife, abt 46

   GROTH, Henry, abt 14 

   GROTH Jacob, abt 11

   GROTH, Katie,  Abt 8

   GROTH, Fred, Abt 5




S. S. America

Departure Bremen (date unknown)

Arriving Baltimore November 27, 1890


                    KOCH, Georg Jacob, male, 57, bookbinder, to NE

                       , Maria, 57, female, wife,

                    KOCH, Jacob, 31, male, farmer

                        , Katharina, 33, female, wife

                        , Maria, 7, female

                        , Jacob 7, male

                        , Elise 6, female,

                        , Maria 4, female, died Nov 23,1890

                         , Pauline, 4, female ** 

                        , Anna, 10 months, female, died Nov 26, 1890

                        , Barbara, 14, female

                        , Johannes, 10, male

[note this family had 4 pieces of luggage]


                    GETTMANN, Caspar, 55, male, farmer, to NE

                                     , Anna, 55, female, wife

                                     , Caspar, 7, male

                                     , Alexander, 6, male

                                     , Adam 5, male

                                     , Maria, 5, female

                                    , Carl, 5 months, male

 (Carl died on the ship going over, but no mention is made)

[**Note: Pauline above, should be part of this Gettmann family!!  Also note on ship list looks like they were coming in from Sweden and they have 5 pieces of luggage.  The GETTMANN family are the great-grandparents of Sherrie (Gettman) Stahl]




SS Bismarck

Depart 23 Oct 1891 Hamburg

Arrive New York  31 Oct 1891

All from Brunnenthal, Russia


All 3 from Brunnenthal, Russia, going to NY, no of bags 2, aliens

     BECKER, Henry, 59, workman

     BECKER, Marie, 59, wife

     BECKER, Anna, 19, daughter


[RINs 8444, 51108, 49036 ]



SS Tijuca

Depart Hamburg 5 Nov 1891

Arrive BRAZIL  (do not know date arrived)


MELCHER, Christ, age 21,

MELCHER, Anna Liesa, 20,


(travelling with Ludwig Weber family, but the Weber’s names were all crossed out/ the Weber family consisted of:

WEBER, Ludwig, age 30 / XXXX'd out

WEBER, Lisbeth, age 23 / XXXX'd out

WEBER, Jacob, age  1 1/2 / XXXX'd out 

WEBER, Catharina, age 1/2  / XXXX'd out


NOTE: all above b Brunnenthal, Russia



S.S. Warrington

depart Hamburg 5 Dec 1891

Arrive Grimsby (Nordamerika) via Liverpool

Both from Brunnenthal, Russia


HEIN, Johannes, b abt 1863

                HEIN, Anna, b abt 1861


RINs 6502, 760




SS Normannia

Depart Hamburg Nov 1891

Arrive NY 12 Dec 1891


     STROH, Jacob, age 24

     STROH, Catherine, age 24

     STROH, Maria, age 3


RIN 2874, 6552, 2370



S.S. Ems

depart Bremen Dec 1891

Arrive New York, Dec 22, 1891

going to Nebraska



                ECKHARDT, Georg, age 28, male, laborer, b Russia, going to Nebraska, sterage

                ECKHARDT, Anna, age 29, female, wife, going to NE

                ECKHARDT, Anna, age 9, child, female, going to NE

                ECKHARDT, Georg, age 7, child, male, going to NE

                ECKHARDT, Carl, age 11 months, child, male, going to NE


RINs 1854, 1861, 2700, 2699, 2704.



SS Aller

Depart Bremen Feb 1892

Arrive NY Feb 23, 1892

All going to KS

(Not sure if the Hartungs or Beckers are from Brunnental, but travelled together on same ship and are beside each other on the passenger list)


Hartung (Harting?), Conrad, age 32, male, farming, b Rus, going to KS/ steerage

Hartung, Marg, wife, age 32, female, b Russia, going to KS

Hartung, Georg, son, age 8, male, b Russia, going to KS

Hartung, Emilie, age 4, female, b Russia, going to KS

Hartung, Heinr., age 2 months, male, b Russia, going to KS


Becker, Heinr., age 20, male, farming, b Rus, going to KS

Becker, Marie, age 18, female, b Rus, going to KS


LOEBSACK, Jacob, age 33, male, farm labr, b Russia, going to KS (See Rins below)

LOEBSACK, Marie, age 33, female, b Russia, going to KS

LOEBSACK, Jacob, age 8, male, b Russia, going to KS

LOEBSACK, David, age 4, male, b Russia, going to KS

LOEBSACK, Marie, age 2, female,b Russia, going to KS


RINs 3583, 997, 6420, 8429 & 8430





SS F:urst Bismark

depart Hamburg 22 Apr 1892

Arrive New York ? 1892


occupation: Schuster /shoemaker

All born in Brunnenthal, Russia


HEIN, Heinr, age 35

HEIN, Christine, age 35

HEIN, Heinr., age 10, son

HEIN, Catha, age 7, daughter

HEIN, Georg, age 4, son

HEIN, Conrad, age 3, son

                HEIN, Anna, age 2, daughter

 (these are RINs  5202, 5200, 5203, 6208, 6210, 6209, 6211)



S.S. America

Depart Bremen _____?

Arrive NY Ellis Island 15 June 1892

Series M237, Roll 591, Frame 199


   BLOCK, Christian, age 44, male, farmer, b Russia, 2 pieces luggage, going to NY

   BLOCK, Catharina, age 42, female, wife, b Russia, going to NY

   BLOCK, Georg, age 22, male, farmer, b Russia, going to NY

   BLOCK, Katarina (hard to read name), age 22, female, b Russia, going to NY

   BLOCK, Catharina, age 20, female, servant

   BLOCK, Catharine, age 16, female, servant

   BLOCK, Christian, age 11, male

   BLOCK, Anna, age 2, female

   BLOCK, Johanne, age 6 months, male

    (This is RIN 21562, and RIN 508 in Brunnental Data Bank)


- - -

Series M237, Roll 591, Frame 203


   STEINMETZ, Elias, age 31, male, laborer, b Russia, going to NY

   STEINMETZ, Elisabeth, age 31, wife, female, b Russia, going to NY

   STEINMETZ, George, age 9, male

   STEINMETZ, Jacob, age 7, male

   STEINMETZ, Emanuel, age 11 months, male

   STEINMETZ, Christian, age 2, male




"The Furst Bismarck"

Departing Hamburg 17 June 1892

Arriving  NY (Ellis Island) 25 June 1892 


                    FEUERSTEIN, Phillip, farmer, age 26, all from Brunnenthal Russia, dest NY, 3 bags

                    FEUERSTEIN, Elise , wife, age 27

                    FEUERSTEIN, Elisabeth, child, age 4

                    FEUERSTEIN, Anna, child, age 3

                    FEUERSTEIN, Anne, child, age 4 months

                    FEUERSTEIN Jacob, child, age 4 months

These are RINs 11999, 12251, 12841, 32137, 11184, 11185.




S.S. Switzerland

Depart Antwerp July ?

Arrive Philadelphia 13 July 1892


                SCHAFER, Salomon, male, age 20, b Rus, last res Rus, dest. Kansas, laborer, going to friend

                SCHAFER, Samuel, male, age 19, b Rus, last res Rus, dest. Kansas, laborer, going to friend


These are RINs 26473, 26474





Depart  Bremen _____? 1892

Arrived Baltimore 8 Sep 1892


                    STEINMETZ , Johannes, age 29, from Samara, going to KS

                    STEINMETZ, Ann C. (Hergert), age 27

                    STEINMETZ, John, age 6

These are RINs 7522, 7521, 7525,   in the Brunnental Data Bank.


Travelling on same ship: (listed right before Steinmetz family)

                    STROH, Henry, age 39, from Samara, going to ORE

                    STROH, Katherine, age 40

                    STROH, Mary, age 18

We do not know who this family is????





Depart Hamburg

Arrive Quebec City , 6 Aug 1893


        BECKER, Peter, 40, farmer

        BECKER, Elise, 36

        BECKER, Jacob, 15

        BECKER, Katarina, 5

        BECKER , Marilisch, 4

        BECKER, Adam, 2

        BECKER, Alexander, 1

RIN 6439 in Brunnental Data Bank – Elise is a KOCH from Brunnental




S. S. Yalta

Departure ????

Arriving May of 1898 to NY

                    MELCHER, Philip

                               , Mary,

                               , George

[Philip & Mary (Becker) Melcher are RIN #s 1170 & 535.  Anyone with information about exact date of arrival, etc., please let us know.]



S.S. Laurentian

Depart Liverpool 3 Nov 1898

Arrive Quebec 13 Nov 1898


      BRETTHAUER, Frederick, age 40, male, married, laborer, $16 in pocket, from Samara Russia

     going to Chicago ILL, to brother, Rev. John Block, first going to Lincoln NE to wife


RIN 6108




S.S. Maija

Departure Bremen

Arrival 23 Dec 1898 to NY

(?or 23 Sep 1898 on son’s naturalization papers?)

                    MELCHER, George, 39, male

                               , Mary, 26, female, wife

                               , John, 3, male, child

                               , Emma, 9 months, female, child


[George and Mary (Linker) Melcher RIN#s are 6537 & 6538. We do not have actual ships list,  as information was found on naturalization records.]



S. S. Maija

Departure Bremen 18 Dec 1898

Arrival NY 1 Jan 1899

                    MELCHER, Heinrich, 20, male

                                , Elizabeth, female


[Elizabeth (Rosin) Melcher was Henry’s wife.  Do not have actual ships list, information found on naturalization record]



Note:  The following passenger list [S.S. Graf Waldersee] was extracted from the AHSGR Clues -1993 Edition.  


S.S. Graf Waldersee (Ship No 01292)

Departure ??

Arrival 4-15-1899 NY

                    BAUM, Adam, 39, Saratov, to Kansas City MO

                        , Eliz, 38,

                        , Georg, 19

                        , Georg, 3 months

                        , Heinrich, 16

                        , Margarette, 18

                        , Marie, 17


                    BECKER, Heinrich, 25, Saratov, to  Lincoln NE

                            , Maria, 24

                            , Heinrich, 3

                            , Maria, 3 months


                    DIETZ, George, 37, Saratov, to Dundy County NE

                        , Elizabeth, 28

                        , Catrula, 4

                        , Jacob, 3

                        , Johannes, 1


                    ECKHARDT, Geo,  28, Saratov, to Lincoln NE

                                 , Maria, 18


                    GETMANN, Conrad, 19, Saratov, to Albany OR


                    HARKING , Jacob, 27, Saratov, to Albany OR


                    LINKEN, Johannes, 24, Saratov, to Lincoln NE

                           , Maria, 23

                                  , Heinrich, 3

                           , Johannes, 2


                    MELCHIOR, Heinrich, 20, Saratov, to  Lincoln NE

                                 , Catharina, 20

                                  , Heinrich, 10 month


                    MELCHIOR, Jacob, 37, Saratov, to Walla Walla WA

                                 , Marga, 34

                                  , Heinrich, 9

                                  , Christian, 7

                                  , Marga, 3


                    MILLER, Jacob, 28, Samara, to Emporia KS

                           , Anna, 28

                          , Jacob, 4


                    STEINMETZ, Heinrich, 30, Saratov, to Lincoln, NE
                                 , Anna, 30  [Anna Elizabeth Becker]

                                 , Catharina, 6

                                 , Anna Liese, 4 3/4

                                 , Maria, 3

                                 , Male (girl), 5 months


                    WAGNER, Johannes, 63, Saratov, to Albany OR

                             , Maria, 63,

                    WAGNER, Georg, 27, Saratov, to Albany OR

                                , Catha, 26

                                , Johannes, 4

                                , Jacob 3

                                , Anna, 3 months


                    ZEILER, Casper, 30 , Saratov, to Hastings NE

                            , Anna, 30

                            , Heinrich, 3 months



S.S. Graf Waldersee

Depart Hamburg 25 June 1899

Arrive July 7, 1899 NY (Ellis Island)


from Brunnental, (going to brother,Johann Groth, Lincoln, NE)


   GROTH, Nicolaus, 65, farmer, married, German/Russian, (Dr. Certificate)  -

   GROTH, Christine, age 65, wife, married, same

   GROTH, Heinrich, age 17, child, single, same

- - -

   GROTH, Jacob, age 27, farmer, (going to Uncle Johann Groth, Lincoln, NE)

   GROTH, Margarethe, age 23, wife, female

   GROTH, Catha, age 4, child, female

- - -

   WEBER, Anna Maria, age 21, none, from Saratov, going to Lincoln NE (paid by brother), going to Brother-in-law, John Groth.    (she is Margarethe Weber Groth's sister, and Anna Maria Weber married Friedrich Bretthauer Jr., and they moved to Portland OR



S.S. Darmstadt

Depart Bremen,  14 Oct 1899

Arrive New York,  26 Oct 1899


going to b-in-law Fried Lenhard, McCook NE

both born in Brunnenthal, Russia

$20 in pocket  (they are brother and sister)


Line 14. WEBER, Jacob, age 19, laborer

Line 15. WEBER, Lina, age 17, no job, 


RIN 12847 & 11323.




S.S. Lucania,

Dep Liverpool 19 July 1902

Arrive NY (Ellis Island) 26 July 1901


From Libau

                    Line 23, WEBER, Emanuel, age 20, male, married, laborer, from Samara Russia, German, going to Uncle Zu Jns. MOHR in Tampa/Marion KS

                    Line 24, WEBER, Katha, age 20, female, married, hwife, from Samara Russia, German, same

[note: they must have returned to Russia because their son Samuel was born in Russia in 1902, and they came to the US again in 1907 – they are RIN 5442 and 8515 in the Brunnental Data Bank]



S.S. Champlain

Depart Liverpool

Arrive Quebec, Canada Nov 7, 1902

All born in Brunnental, Russia


All going to Winnipeg, and then on to Portland, OR to brother, Conrad Gettman

(Note: this family went back to Russia in abt 1906)

     GOTTMAN, Georg, age 29, male, farmer

     GOTTMAN, Catha, age 29, female, wife

     GOTTMAN , Marie, age 7, daughter

     GOTTMAN  , Fredrich, age 1, son

     GOTTMAN , Catha, age 1, daughter


Going to Winnipeg by train, and then on to Portland OR to cousin, Conrad Gettman

     BRAUN, Heinrich, age 18, male, shoemaker  (later went by Henry Jorg Brown)


Going to Winnipeg by train, and then on to Portland OR to cousin,  Henry Becker

     BECKER, Karl, age 18, carpenter,


These three  families  later came through the port of Sumas WA on Nov 1902 to enter the USA





Arrived by the CPR, Canadian Pacific Railroad

to the Port of Winnipeg, Canada

arriving in 21 March 1903


          #21. STEINMETZ, Alexander, age 17, male, single, laborer


not able to read or write, German/Russian

last residence: Samarinski

Previously arrived South Ontario, St. John Mar., Canada

going to Portland Oregon -- to brother, Henry Steinmetz 772 Grand Ave, Portland OR

fare paid by father, has $2.00 in pocket

good health


RIN 13564






List of alien immigrants arrived by Canadian Pacific Railroad

Arriving at port of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

***April 1903

        List No 3

last residence Samarafski/ St John's Ontario, Canada, March 12 1903

Going to Hastings NE, paid by self, $16 in pocket,

Going to Uncle Johannes Brehm, 115 Lincoln Ave, all in good health


     HAMBURG, Heinrich -- age 36, male, cabinet maker, can read and write

     HAMBURG, Marie Katherine, age 36, female, wife, paid by husband

     HAMBURG, Heinrich Jr., age 16, male, single, son, paid by father

     HAMBURG ,Johannes, age 12, male, single, son, paid by father

     HAMBURG, Katharine, age 6 yrs, female, child, can't read or write, paid by father

     HAMBURG , Lydia, age 7 months, child, female, can't read or write, paid by father

     HAMBURG , Marie Kath Jr., age 2 yrs, child, can't read or write, paid by father



S.S. Furst Bismarck,

Depart Hamburg April 29, 1903

Arrive NY May 9, 1903 (Ellis Island)


Arriving from Brunnental, Russia, going to Jacob Stroh, brother-in-law in Loveland, Colorado. 

             NAGEL, Nicolaus, laborer, male, age 35

             NAGEL, Marie (Stroh), wife, female, age 35

             NAGEL, Marie, daughter, female, age 16

             NAGEL, Heinrich, son, male, age 9

             NAGEL, Emilie, daughter, female, age 3

             NAGEL, Amalie, daughter, female, age 2

             NAGEL, Alexander, son, male, age 5 months

going to brother, Jakob Stroh, Loveland CO (paid by brother)




S.S. Saxonia

depart Liverpool 15 March 1904

arrive Boston 25 Mar 1904


going to father, Philip Gradwahl 10 Alder St, Walla Walla WA


GRADWAHL, Peter, age 26, head, male, married, white, b Russia, German

GRADWAHL, Anna, age 26, wife, female, married, white, b Russia, German (she was a Mohrland b in Brunnental, Russia)


RIN 34313 & 34312



“S. S. Columbia”

Arriving on:  August 14, 1904 to New York (Ellis Island)

Departing from Glasgow, Scotland, UK


Family of George HELZER, male, age 25

                 Anna  HELZER wife, female, age 24

                 Louisa HELZER, daughter, female, age 5

                 Heinrich HELZER, son, male, age 2

                 Amalia HELZER, daughter, female, age 10 months

all German, from:  Brumenthal


[Note: I found the same family again, coming to the US again in 1906........from Samara, Russia......same names. Looks like they came this time on the S.S. Celtic, sailing from Liverpool on the 19th of Oct 1906, arriving NY on 28 Oct 1906. They were going to Sugar City, Colorado...to join their brother-in-law, Heinrich Schaeffer. And there's also a note about Ft. Collins as the final destination ]



“S. S. Celtic”

Arriving on:  28 Oct 1906  New York (Ellis Island)

Departing from Liverpool 19th Oct 1906


Family of George HELZER, male, age 29, laborer, 5’5” tall, fair, blue eyes

                 Anna  HELZER, wife, female, age 27

                 Louisa HELZER, daughter, female, age 8

                 Heinrich HELZER, son, male, age 4

                 Emilie HELZER, daughter, female, age 3/12 months

all German, from:  Brumenthal

Going to Sugar City, Colorado to join brother-in-law, Heinrich Schaeffer.  Final destimation is Fort Collins CO



SS Southwark

Depart Liverpool England 15 Feb 1906

Arrive Portland Maine 26 Feb 1906


Last residence: Libau

going to friend, Peter Gradwohld, 217 Maple St, Walla Walla WA


MORLANG, Heinrich, male, married, age 22, labr, able to read and write

MORLANG, Marie, female, married, age 21, wife, able to read and write

MORLANG, Marie, female, single, age 11 months, infant


RINs 11626, 12408, 12769 in Brunnental Data Bank


[Heinrich was born in Brunnental, last name is MOHRLAND.]

Note:  The following passenger list [S.S. Southwark] was extracted from the AHSGR Clues - 1988 Edition - Part 2



S.S. Carmania


Departing from Liverpool.,

Arriving January 13, 1907 New York (Ellis Island)

All going to Carl Buxmann, Box 148, New Windsor, CO


WEBER, Katarina Lisbeth, 24, married, Hwife, German/Russian, fr Brunnental. (born Weisenmuller) 5’ 4”

              ,  Samuel age 4, male, same (born Brunnenthal)

              , Alexander, 6 months, single, same (born Brunnenthal)

              , Elisabeth, age 58, widowed, hwife, same. (born Alt Mar??), 5’ 4”


LEBSAK,  Heinrich, 31, laborer from Brunnenthal, also going to Carl Buxmann, New Windsor, CO, 5’ 6”

                , Katharina 27, Hwife, same, 5’ 3”

                , Heinrich, 4, child, male, same


UHRICH, Paul, 32, male, married, labourer  born Brunnenthal, 5’ 5”

         , Elisabeth, 32, Hwife, 5’ 4”

         , Heinrich, 9, male, child

         , Samuel, 2, male, child  22-57701  9/24/36

         , Karl, 2 mo, male, child  22-24728


BECKER, David, 21, labourer,  18-10546  4/29/37  from Samara 5’ 7”

                 , Marie, 22, Hwife, 5’ 7”


LOREY, Kasper 23, male, married, labourer   15-7466 born Brunnenthal, 5’ 7 ½”

             , Katharina, 20, female, Hwife,  21-11042  7/13/36  born Brunnenthal 5’ 4”


ADLER, Wilhelm, 26, male, single, laborer , born Brunnenthal , 5’3”




S.S. Campania

Depart Liverpool Feb 9, 1907

Arrive NY Feb 17, 1907


     MIKEL, Conrad, age 24, farmer, b Warenburg Russia, going to brother-in-law, Jacob Grothe, PO Box 104, Lincoln NE (19-15576  1/29/42)

     MIKEL, Maria, wife, age 22, b Warenburg, Russia (19-15642  2/10/42)

     MIKEL, Heinrich, age 6/12, b Warenburg, Russia


     KRAFT, Peter, head, age 34, b Warenburg, going to brother, Jacob Kraft, PO Box 103, Lincoln NE

     KRAFT, Lisbeth, age 30, wife, b Warenburg (she is a Groth)

     KRAFT, Alex, age 4, b Brunnenthal

     KRAFT, Gottlieb, age 5/12, b Warenburg 



S.S. Dominion

Departure ??

Arrival 5 March 1907 Portland, Maine

                    HELZER, Johannes, 38, male, from Brunnental, Volga — going to Portland, OR

                            , Marga., 32, female, wife

                             , Alex, 7, male

                             , Lidia, 4, female

                             , Johannes, 11 months, male

We have no information on this family.  Does anyone???



S.S. Arcadia,

DEPART Hamburg on 20 Feb 1907

ARRIVE NY March 13, 1907


   HEIN, Jacob, age 59, farm laborer, 5'6", b. Brunnenthal, going to brother, Henry Hein, Culbertson NE (Palisades)

   HEIN, Anna, age 60, hwife, 5' tall

   HEIN Johannes, age 32, son, farm laborer, b Brunnenthal

   HEIN , Katha, age 32, hwife

   HEIN, Johannes, age 10, (grandchildren - these 4 kids below), b Brunnenthal

   HEIN, Emilie, age 4, ", b Brunnenthal, discharged from hospital (19-14177 7/16/41)

   HEIN, Marie, age 3, ", b Brunnenthal, discharged from hospital

   HEIN, Jacob, 11 months, b Brunnenthal

   HEIN, Andreas, age 27, son, farm laborer, going to Uncle Henry Hein in Culbertson

   HEIN, Carl, age 26, son, farm laborer, going to Uncle Henry Hein in Culbertson


RINs 30819, 30820, 30811, 30821, 30822,30824,30825,30826, 30827, 16088




S.S. The Nieuw Amsterdam

Leaving Rotterdam on March 2, 1907

Arriving NY on March 14, 1907

    Going to friend, Georg Melchor, 901___? New York (can't read address)

    Final destination:  going to Windsor CO


   ROTH, Emanuel, 32, shoemaker, 5' 5'' - from Rustolicky, b. Russia, blk hair, brwn eye (b. Grimm then Brunnental)

   ROTH , Anna, 26, wife, 4' 11" tall, blonde hair, blue eyes

   ROTH , Alexander, 3, son, child    (has measles)

   ROTH , Carl, age 2, child, son   (has measles)

   ROTH, Emanuel, 2 mo, child (ok)


RIN's 1098, 1097, 20927, 2000, 1089

- - -

   ROTH, Alexander, age 27. shoemaker, 5'1", b Russia, brown hair, gray eyes (Germ Soc.)

   ROTH, Anna, age 17, wife, 5'0", brown hair, lt brown eyes


RIN's 1090, 12659





S. S. ?????

Departure ?????

Arriving ? 26 Apr 1907 NY

                    SCHMIDT, Georg, [RIN 7289]

                                , Katharina [Wiederspahn, RIN 7286]

                                , Maria, female, 1

Does anyone know name of this ship???? Another place (census) it shows 1908?




S.S. Weimar

Depart Bremen  11 May 1907

Arrive Baltimore 21 May 1907


                    WOELKER (Volker) , Marie Magd., 48, female

, Marie Magd., 19, female  (Anna Maria)

, Pauline, 9, female

, Alexander, 21 male

, Emilie, 5, female

, Arthur, 6 months

, Emanuel, 3 months

From Brunnental, destination Culbertson, NE

going to Philipp Fenerstein [Feuerstein], cousin to the elder Marie Magd. Voelker

(These are RINs 3784, 8072, 5261, 26599, 5263 & 8073 in the Brunnental Data Bank)


BAUM,    Emanuel, age 28, male, married, farm laborer, German from Russia, 5’8”

                                , Anna Margaret, age 26

 ,  Karl age 2, and

 , Jakob, age 11 months.

The whole family was fair complexioned, blond hair (they seemed to choose only between blonde & black) and blue eyes.   (they were a cousin to the Voelker family above ---Destination - Culbertson, NE . last residence Brunnenthal, Russia; sponsor in the US was a friend-Philipp Fenerstein or maybe Felker, in Culbertson. A friend paid his passage (probably a loan) and the family had $15 with them

(These are RIN’s 10887, 11654, 11593 and 11103 in the Brunnental Data Bank)





Note:  The following passenger list [S.S. Kaiser Wilhelm II] wasextracted from the AHSGR Clues - 1991 Edition.  


S.S. Kaiser Wilhelm II

Departure Southhampton on 29 May 1907

Arrival  05 June 1907, NY


                    KOCH, Pauline, 21, from Brunnental


— Going to Culbertson, NE to husband, Jacob Koch

Ticket paid by husband, she has $5, she is 5’3” tall, fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes

[Pauline (BECKER) Koch, wife of Jacob Koch.  RIN 5255 in the Brunnental Data Bank]




Note:  The following passenger list [S.S. Umbria] was extracted from the AHSGR Clues - 1991 Edition. 


S.S. Umbria

Departure ????

Arrival 3 June 1907 NY

                    ELLENBERGER, David, 30

                                         , Katharina, 31

                                         , Anna, 11

                                         , Katharina, 9

                                         , Amalia, 4

                                         , Lydia, 6/12

from Brunnental (Volga)— Going to Portland, OR [RIN 6141/6150 in the Brunnental Data Bank.  Katharina is a WAGNER]




S.S. Etruria

Departs Liverpool 8 June 1907

Arrive NY 19 June 1907

                    HONNBERG (HAMBURG) , Jacob, laborer, age 27, b Brunnenthal, going to Hastings NE, passage paid by brother, Henry Hamburg of Hastings NE

                    HONNBERG (HAMBURG), Katherine, hwife, age 20, b Brunnenthal, going to brother-in-law, Henry Hamburg

                    HONNBERG (HAMBURG), Amalie, child, age 4, b Brunnenthal


                    RAIFSCHNEIDER (Reifschneider) , Heinrich, age 19, laborer, b Brunadal, going to Ritzville WA to Henry Jachter.  Passage paid by self.




S. S. Korea

Departure Libau (Russia)

Arrival NY 12 Aug 1907?

                    MELCHER, George, 28, male

                               , Mary Catherine, 27, female, wife

                               , Mary, 18, female, child

                               , Katharina Margaretha, 6,  female, child

                                , Heinrich, 1,  male, child

[Wife, Mary Catherine (REIFSCHNEIDER) Melcher.  Do not have actual ships list, information found on naturalization records. RIN#s 7404 & 7405 in Brunnental Data Bank]



S.S. Lituania

Depart from Libau to

Arriving New York,on 15 Sep 1907


      WALTER, Jacob, age 25, workman (line 22)


Born Russia / German

From Samara, town of "Tronendar"....s/b Brunnental, but probably spelled wrong

Nearest relative: Mr. Heinrich Walter in Brunnental, Samara

Going to North Branch, Michigan

Ticket paid by brother-in-law, George Leikam in North Branch, MI

Money on person: $2.50

5'2" tall, dark complexion, fair hair, blue eyes





SS Petersburg

dep Libau Sep 10, 1907

arr NY Oct 3, 1907

All below born Brunenthal


going to father, Heinrich Popp, c/0 William Popp, Blue Hill NE

                POPP, Adam, age 22, farm lab, b Bronendar Samara, 5'6", dark compl, brown hair, gray eyes

                ,POPP Mary, age 21, wife, b Bronendar, 5'1", light compl., brown hair, gray eyes

                ,POPP Amalie, child, age 11 months, b Bronendar

- - -

Going to husband, Heinrich Popp, c/o Wiliam Popp, Blue Hill Nebraska

                POPP, Eva, mother, age 53, 5'4", dark complexion, brown hair, gray eyes

                POPP Jacob, age 15, son, farm laborer, b Bronendar, 5'3", dark compl, brown hair, gray eyes

                POPP, Johannes, age 7, child, b Bronendar

                POPP, Anna, age 18, daughter, farm laborer, b Bronendar, 5'3", light compl, brown hair, gray eyes

                POPP, Mary, age 6 months, child, b Bronendar

- - -

Going to friend, Mr. G. Schmidt, Box 176, Windsor CO (nearest relative, wife, Katarina Wiederspann in Brunnental, Samara, Russia)

                WIEDERSPANN, Heinrich, age 25, laborer, married, b Rus, b Brunnental, 5’6“, dark complex, fair hair, blue eyes




Note:  The following passenger list [S.S. Estonia] was extracted from the AHSGR Clues - 1983 Edition (part 2).  


S.S. Estonia

Depart Libau, Russia 7 Oct 1907

Arrive New York 28 Oct 1907


                    BECKER, Conrad, age 27, male, farm laborer — to Loveland, CO

                            , Anna, 26, female, wife

                            , Amalia, 11 months, female, child

[Conrad and Anna (WIEDERSPAHN) BECKER are the maternal grandparents of Marilyn Fletcher of Lakewood, CO.  The Beckers came from the Samara province, village of Brunnental.  The parents are listed as  RINs 5161, 5651 in the Brunnental Data Bank]


                    HARTUNG, Heinrich, 30, male, farm laborer, they were from Saratov….may not be from Brunnental?

                                         , Anna, 33, female, wife

                                         , Heinrich, 11, male, child

Going to Loveland, Colorado to brother-in-law, N. Nagel.

[WHO IS THIS???  Can you help us identify this family??]


                    BLOCK, Kasper, 33, m, farm laborer

                               , Maria, 29, female, wife

                               , Frieda, 11 months, female, child

Going to Loveland, Colorado.  [Maria Block’s maiden name was KINDSVATER.  Kasper Block is listed as RIN 19406 in the Brunnental Data Bank.  Frieda Block married John Kober]


                    WALTER, Maria, 24, female, wife

                                  , Maria, 2, female, child

Going to Sheboygan, WI. [WHO IS THIS???  Can you help us identify this family??]


                    HARTUNG, Kasper, 32, male, farm laborer

                                       , Eva, 34, female, wife

                                   , Heinrich, 11, male, child

                                  , Jacob, 4, male, child

                                  , Katherine, 2 months, female, child

Going to Milwaukie, OR.  [Eva’s maiden name was KLEIN.  Kasper & Eva are listed as RIN 7798 & 7800 in the Brunnental Data Bank]


                    STEINMETZ, Georg, 26, male, farm laborer, going to Uncle, Jacob Groth, 1037 L St, Lincoln NE

                                          , Anna, 25, female, wife, going to Uncle Rev. John Block, 1836 W. Union St., Chicago IL

                                      , Anna, 5, female, child

                                     , Catharina, 4, female, child

                                      , Georg, 2, male, child

                                     , Amalia, 5 months, female, child

                    STEINMETZ, Christian, 17, male, farm laborer (brother of above),

Going to Lincoln, NE  [George and Christian are brothers.  Anna’s maiden name is SEIBEL.  George and Anna are listed as 5387 & 5386  and Christian is listed as 12023 in the Brunnental Data Bank.  This is Larry Keith Steinmetz’s family]


                    MUELLER/MILLER, Adam, 26, male, farm laborer

                                                    , Anna, 25, female, wife

                MUELLER/MILLER, Friedrich, 22, male, farm laborer

                                                   , Amalia, 19, female, wife (was discharged from hospital)

                                                   , Alexander, 9 months, male, child (died in hospital on 11/22/07)

Going to Portland, OR, to friend, Mr. H. Becker Muhterman (can’t read)?  [Adam and Friedrich Miller are brothers.  Anna’s maiden name is BECKER.  Amalia’s maiden name is STEINMETZ.  Adam & Anna Miller’s RIN #s are 5352 & 5353.  Friedrich and Amalia’s RIN #’s are 6160 & 5171 in the Brunnental Data Bank].


                    GRUNWALD, David, 26, male, farm laborer

                                        , Lotte, 28, female, wife

                                       , Paulina, 6, female, child

                                       , David, 4, male, child

                                       , Samuel, 1  11/12 months, male, child

Going to friend, Henry Schafer, Burr Oak, KS  [Lotte is a nickname for Charlotte, and her maiden name was ADOLPH.  David and Charlotte Greenwald’s RIN #s are 5006 & 5009 in the Brunnental Data Bank.  This is Irma (Greenwald) Waggoner’s family.]


                    SEIBEL, Jacob, 17, male, farm laborer

Going to friend, Heinrich Schafer, Burr Oak, KS   [This is RIN 5330 in the Brunnental Data Bank.  Later Jacob Seibel married Margaret SCHOENFELD from Pfeiffer, Russia — and they lived in Oregon.]


                    GRUNWALD, Conrad, 25, male, farm laborer

                                                  , Conrad, 4, male, child

                                         , David, 3, male, child

                                        , Wilhelm, 6 months, male, child

Going to Burrsan, KS.  [These are RIN #s 1871, 6155, 6156 & 6157 in the Brunnental Data Bank.  These are the father and older brothers of Marie (Greenwald) Bandey who currently lives in Portland, OR]


                    GRUNWALD, Marie, 47, female, none, going to friend, Heinrich Schafer in Burr Oak KS

                                         , Anna, 7, female, child

                                         , Maria, 9, female, child

                                        , Pauline, 7, female, child

Going to Burr Oak, KS  [These are RIN #s 1852, 1859, 1873, 1874 in the Brunnental Data Bank.  Marie’s maiden name was ECKHARDT.  Maria Greenwald above  is Regina (Hermann) Seligh’s mother.]


                    GETTMANN, Johann, 25, male, farm laborer

Going to Mr. Gettmann, Milwaukie, OR.  [This is RIN 9149 in the Brunnental Data Bank.    John H. Gettmann was a widower, who had been married to a daughter SCHMIDT in Brunnental, Russia but came to the US alone – he was going to Caspar Gettmann in Milwaukie, OR)]


                    BRETHAUER, Jacob, 35, male, farm laborer

                                        , Anna, 33, female, wife

                                        , Jacob, 6, male, child

                                        , Fridrich, 3, male, child

Going to friend, Mr. N. (Nicholas) Nagel, Loveland, CO.  [Anna Bretthauer’s maiden name was GOTTMANN/GETTMANN.  Jacob and Anna’s RIN #’s are 4974 and 4966 in the Brunnental Data Bank]


S.S. Koln


Arrive 6 OCTOBER 1907 

Drawer 32/7 Film #M1358, Roll 6 1906-1951

Schrobenhauser, Anni --- Weigert, Jacques

Index of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Galveston, TX

Film #M1359 Texas Roll 6, Passenger lists of vessels arriving at Galveston, TX 1896-1948

Content: Aug 6, 1907-Oct 25, 1907


    STERKEL, Johan Georg   Age 19   Male    Born Russia  Group #19          List #15

    STERKEL, Elizabeth     Age  53  Female   Born Russia  Group #16 (?)      List #15

    STERKEL, Catarina Elizabeth    Age 27   Female  Born Russia  Group #16          List #15

    STERKEL, Samuel        Age 2 mo     Male    Born Russia  Group #17          List #15

    STERKEL, Heinrich      Age 5 months      Male    Born Russia           Group #3              List #10




Depart Liverpool on 24 Oct 1907

Arrival in Quebec on 3 Nov 1907


    Kugert (HERGERT), Adam, 20, going to Portland OR 

                                      , Anna, 19,

                                      , Heinrich, 1

    Kugert (HERGERT), Elias, 29

                                     , Maria, 27

    Scholotonar (SCHLOTTHAUER), Anna, age 18 going to Portland OR (she married Henry BAUM)

    LINKER, Konrad, 37, going to Portland OR

                  , Katrina, 35

                   , Konrad, 7

                   , Heinrich, 4

                   , Maria, 3

                   , Anna, 1

                   , Margareta, 60

    SCHMIDT, Johannes, 31, going to Portland OR

                     , Anna, 29

                     , Johannes, 8

                      , Maria, 4

                      , Anna, 2

                      ,Margareta, age 58




S.S. Chemnitz,

October 26, 1907      Arriving: Galveston

Film #M1359 Texas Roll 7, Passenger lists of vessels arriving at Galveston, TX, 1896-1948

Content: Oct. 26, 1907 - June 13, 1908


      STERKEL, Amalia        Age 11,  Female    Born Russia  Group #2           List #10

 ** STERKEL, Heinrich      Age 28    Male   Born Russia  Group #4           List #10




S.S. Saxonia (Cunard Line)

Arrive at Port of Boston, Mass. on 22 Nov 1907.

Depart from Liverpool, England on November 12, 1907. 

How and when the George Hill Sr. family arrived in Liverpool in unknown.


     HILL, Johan (George), 51, b Walter, Russia

     HILL, Ekaterina (Katie), 47, B Walter, Russia  (from Frank, Russia?)

     HILL, Heinrich (Henry), 22, b. Brunnenthal, Russia

     HILL, Johannes (John), 20, b Brunnenthal, Russia

     HILL, Maria (Mary), 17, b Brunnenthal, RUssia

     HILL, Jacob (Jake), 7, b Brunnenthal, Russia

     HILL, Marie, 3, b Brunnenthal, Russia

     HILL, Ekaterina (Katie), 2, b Brunnenthal, Russia

     HILL, Amalia (Mollie), 6 months, b Brunnenthal, Russia

All 9 members of the family were on their way to join George Hill's brother-in-law, Jacob Batt, in Marion KS.  Jacob Batt and his wife Katie had immigrated from Russia to Kansas in 1886/1887.

        George Hill's two older sons, Fred Hill and George Hill Jr. and their families would immigrate from Brunnental to Marion County KS one year later in Nov of 1908.



       LINGER (LINKER), Johannes, 41, male, 5'6" (he is half brother or step brother to Peter Linker below)

       LINGER (LINKER),  , Maria, 40, wife 5'3"  (her maiden name was Koelle)

       LINGER (LINKER),  , Katrina, 15, servant (this might be Peter's sister, Katherine?)

       LINGER (LINKER),  , Emilie, 12, scholar

       LINGER (LINKER),  , Alexander, 5, child

       LINGER (LINKER),  , Emanuel, 3, child

       LINGER (LINKER),  , Margareta, 3, child

       LINGER (LINKER),  , Paulina, infant

       LINGER (LINKER),  , Peter, 19, laborer, 5'8" (single)

Name of nearest relative in Russia:  son, Heinrich Linger, Brunendal or brother, Heinrich Linger. (so their son remained in Russia)

**Johannes Linker says he is Going to Brother-in-law, J. Bretthauer, 830 E 6th St., Portland OR........

and Maria says she's going to BROTHER, J. Bretthauer,

and children say they are going to Uncle J. Bretthauer!!) 

       Jacob Bretthauer is married to Deana Kammerzell.......could she really be Deanis Linker who married #1 a Kammerzell, and then married Jacob Bretthauer.   OR Could Maria Koelle really be a Bretthauer?


SS Ivernia
depart Liverpool 26 Nov 1907
arrive Boston 5 Dec 1907

All of the passengers below were born in Brunnental
     LIBSACK (Lebsack, Lobsack), Jacob, age 34, laborer, married, from Brunental,

       nearest relative in Russia is Father Johan Georg Libsack, Bronendal, Samara, Russia,

      going to Lincoln NE to Henry Lebsack 275 East St.
     LIBSACK, Eva, age 28, hwife, married
     LIBSACK, Alex, son, child, single, age 5

     NAGEL, Jacob, age 26, laborer, married

                nearest relative in Russia is father Jacob Nagel, Brumenthal, Samara, Russia,

                going to Lincoln NE to friend Henry Lebsack at 275 East Street
     NAGEL, Katha, age 24, laborer, married


     KAUFMANN, Georg, age 28, laborer, married,

             nearest relative brother,Henrich Kaufman Brumenthal, Russia, going to Windsor CO
     KAUFMANN, Katharina, age 28, hwife, married
     KAUFMANN, Jacob, age 7, child
     KAUFMANN, Friedrich, age 4 months, child



S.S. Cosican,

Depart: Liverpool Dec 6, 1907

Arrive Halifax Dec 15, 1907


Ship List, from the Heritage Review, Vol 20 #3, Sept 1990, page 41

 BRETTHAUER, Heinrich, 37, m. woodcarver,

                                           Marie, 37, wife

                                           Lydia, 7

                                           Amalie, 4

                                           Heinrich, 3


Going to Portland, OR

(They are RINs 11371 & 11637 in the Brunnental data bank)



Note:  The following passenger list [S.S. Saratow] was extracted from the AHSGR Workpaper - 1981 Edition (Part 2).  


S.S. Saratow

Departure Libau (Russia), 9 Dec 1907

Arrival NY 28 December 1907


                    LEBSACK, George, 59

                                 , Dorothea, 57

                                 , Wilhelm, 11

                                 , Andreas, 9

                                 , Katharina, 18

                    LEBSACK, George, 36 (going to Windsor, CO)

                                 , Anna, 33

Going to brother in New Windsor, CO. 

[George & Dorothea are RIN #’s 7361 & 7362 in the Brunnental Data Bank.  George & Anna are RIN #’s 2048 & 2044 in the Brunnental Data Bank.]


                    KRENING, Georg, age 38, farm laborer, married, born Brunnental,  5’6

                                          , Maria, age 36, wife, married, same, 5’ 1”

                                          , Wilhelm, age 10, single, same

                                          , Maria, age 11, single, same

                                          , Elisabeth, age 7, single, same

                                          , Catarina, age 5, single, same

                                          , Anna, age 2, single, same

                                          . Katarina, 5 months, single, same

Relative in Russia: K. Krening.

Going to  brother Libsack, in New Windsor, Colorado

[ George and Maria (Eckhardt) Krening are RIN 2047 & 2043 in the Brunnental Data Bank]



S.S. Haverford

Departing Liverpool Jan 1, 1908

Arriving 13 Jan 1908 Philadelphia, PA


     WIDERSPAN [Wiederspahn,  Katherine, age 21, wife, German, b Brunendal, nearest rel Filip Swathauer (Schlotthauer) Brunendal, Russis

Going to husband, Johannes Wiederspan, living at New Windsor, CO (Box 176).  5’2” tall, dark complexion, black hair, blue eyes, no money.


RIN 7290




“The Moskwa

Departing Libau on 23 Dec 1907

Arriving NY on Jan 14, 1908


Nearest relative J. Brethauer, Brunental, Samara

Going to Mr. H. Libsack in New Windsor, CO


          ZIEGLER, GEORGE, 30, male, married, farm laborer, b in Russia/ German, 5'7", fair/brown/brown, born in Brunental, Samara



The Ivernia

Depart Liverpool 7 Jan 1908

Arrive Boston 16 Jan 1908

All those below were born in Brunnental, Samara, Russia


     MELCHER, Jacob, age 21, single, nearest relative father, Lenhard Melcher, Brunnental, going to Uncle Jacob Melker, Washington


     GROTH, Heinrich, age 29, married, nearest relative, wife Lisbeth Groth, Brunnental; going to Lincoln, NE (brother, Jacob Groth at 107 W. 7th St)



     BRETHOMER (Brethauer), Heinrich, age 22, m, nearest relative father Jacob Brethauer in Brunnental, going to Lincoln NE

     BRETHOMER (Brethauer),  Amalia, age 22, hwife

     BRETHOMER (Brethauer),  Maria Katha, child, age 3

     BRETHOMER (Brethauer), Maria, age 5 months, infant  (this baby died in Liverpool before they sailed again)



     ELLENBERGER, George, age 20, married, laborer, nearest rel. father Georg Ellenberger in Brunnental, going to Uncle Peter Grathwol (Gradwohl) at 217 Maple Street, Walla Walla WA

     ELLENBERGER, Anna, age 20, hwife, married



Note: THIS MORLAND FAMILY WAS CROSSED OFF THIS PASSENGER LIST—they came on 16 Jan 1908 on “Lusitania

going to Peter Grathwol, 217 Maple St., Walla Walla, Wash.

nearest relative in Russia, none listed.

     MORLAND, Johannes, age 52, laborer, b Rosenthal, Samara, Russia (s/b Brunnenthal)

     MORLAND, Margareta, age 47, hwife, b same

     MORLAND, Johannes, age 18, son, laborer

     MORLAND, Charlotte, age 11, daughter, child

     MORLAND, Georg, age 5, son, child

     MORLAND, Friedrich, age 3 months, son, infant



"The Lusitania"

Departed 16 Jan 1908 from Liverpool (maybe Libau for this family)

Arrival Feb 1, 1908 New York (Ellis Island)


going to brother-in-law, Peter Gradwohl, 217 Maple Street, Walla Walla WA

    Line #16:  MORLANG, Johann, age 52, married, farmer, german, nearest relative is brother, Christian Morlang in Brunnental, 5'6" tall, brown hair, blue eyes, fair complextion

   Line #17: MORLANG, Johann, son, age 18, laborer

   Line #18: MORLANG, George, son, age 4, child

   Line #19: MORLANG, Charlotte, daughter, age 11, child

   Line #20  MORLANG, Friedrich, son, 2 months old, Infant


   Line #21, SEIBEL, Heinrich, age 34, farmer, married, farmer, b Brunnenthal, nearest relative ?Nan Seibel, Brunnenthal, Movasingky Germany, final destination is Boston Mass, 5’8”, fresh, fair, blue

   Line #22, SEIBEL, Maria Katha, age 34, wife, b Brunnenthal, 5’6”, fresh, fair, blue

   Line #23, SEIBEL, Maria, age 3, child, b Brunnenthal , 21-15618 5/31/39

   Line #24, SEIBEL, Heinrich (age 1) this line is crossed out….did he die?

***Ticket paid by Cousin George Derr,   ??? 69 Lincoln, NE - ) , George Derr had already left Lincoln NE.



S.S. Etruria

Depart Liverpool, 9 Feb 1908

Arrive NY (Ellis Island) Feb 17, 1908


  BRETHANEN (BRETHAUER), Heinrich, laborer, age 22, 5' tall, fair complexion, brown hair, grey eyes

  BRETHANEN (BRETHAUER),, Amalie, wife, age 22, 5' tall, fair complexion, brown hair, brown eyes

  BRETHANEN (BRETHAUER),, Marie, child, age 3


Both mother and child in hospital/ but discharged

Going to Friedrich Bretthauer, 830 E 6th St., Portland OR

Amalie says going to brother, Johannes Weber (no address)

Nearest relative in Russia:  Father, Jakob Bretourner, Brunnenthal

All 3 born in Blumenthal, Russia

Notation by Amalie’s name: Certificate of Arrival / Amalie Bretthauer/   #19625  2/11/41



The Kherson,

Departing Libaru Feb __, 1908

Arriving Feb 20, 1908 in NY


FELKER, Georg, 23, male, married, farm laborer,

FELKER , Maria, 17, female, married, wife


going to friend, H. Jacob Groth in Fort Collins, CO

nearest relative in Russia:  G. Falker, Brunnenthal, Samara, Russia






Note:  The following passenger list [S.S. Canada] was extracted from the AHSGR Clues -1988 Edition — Part 2.  


S. S. Canada

Depart Liverpool 27 Feb 1908

Arrive Portland, Maine 7 March 1908


     MELCHER, Jacob, 19, male, laborer, from Brunnental to Portland, OR





SS Koln

depart Bremen Feb 15, 1908

arrive Galveston, TX March 9, 1908


nearest relative in Russia: father: Jacob Bretthauer, Brunnenthal, Samara, Russia

going to New Windsor, Colorado to husband Georg Zeigler C/O Loebsack, New Windsor CO

          line 13. ZIEGLER, Katha, married, age 32, German from Russia, last res Brunnenthal, 5'2" tall, blue eyes, blonde hair

          line 14. ZIEGLER, Maria, age 9 months, infant


nearest relative in Russia: father, Johannes Lehr,  Bigetrio, Don  Geb, Russia ?

going to Denver, Colorado to friend: Georg Wiederspan, Denver CO, 347 N Logan Street

First three below born in Brunnenthal, Russia / Jacob (Infant) was born in Menheim?, Russia

          line 1. LEHR, Jacob, age 27, married, farm laborer, not able to read or write, German from Russia, last res. Menheim?, Russia

          line 2. LEHR, Katha, age 22, wife

          line 3. LEHR, Herbert, age 3, child

          line 4. LEHR, Jacob, age 7 months, infant

Naturalization Notes: Jacob: 18-5854 C/A 1/16/34 Denver

                                      Katha: 18-9813 C/A 7/7/36 Denver



S. S. Baltic

Depart Liverpool, England on May 20, 1908

Arriving in NY (Ellis Island)  on June 6, 1908


           going to Uncle Georg Eckhardt, 301 A Street, Boston Ave, Hastings NE

            nearest relative in Russia: Lorentz Hof, father, Brunnendal, Samara, Russia

                HOF, Adam, age 32, head, farmer, 5'9" tall, dark complextion, black hair, brown eyes

                HOF, Maria Dorthea, wife, 5'6" tall, fair complextion, fair hair, blue eyes

                HOF, Maria, age 11, child

                HOF, Heinrich, age 3, child (20 - 35358  3/27/39  #505)

                HOF, Amelia, 10 months, child

                            Fares were paid by Uncle



Ship = S. S. Estonia,

Arriving May 21, 1908 in New York (Ellis Island)
Departing from Libau on May 4, 1908


    *ECKHART, Anna 28, no occupation, 5'1" tall, fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes, born Brunenthal, nearests relative Johannes Gitman (Gettmann) in Brunenthal, -- going to join a relative or friend?? - husband Felix Naumetz for Johannes Eckart - c/o Georgios Groming, Windsor CO (could this be George Krening?) The name Felix Naumetz is also on the lines below this entry and those people are Polish, from Minsk, so maybe Anna was just travelling with them, not really related!!!)
    *ECKHART, Alexander, 3, child

    *ECKHART, Catarina, age 63, mother-in-law, widowed, 5' 0" tall, dark complexion, fair hair, blue eyes, born Brunenthal.

going to Windsor, CO



S.S. Ottawa

Depart Liverpool 2 July 1908

Arrive Quebec 10 July 1908


                    NAGEL, Heinrich, age 34, male 

                          , Catherine, age 34, female, wife

Going to Portland, Oregon  [who are they??]



S.S. Saxonia
depart Liverpool 11 Aug 1908
Arrive Boston 20 Aug 1908

     NAGEL, Johannes, age 30, male, married, laborer, nearest relative is wife, Barbara Nagel at 33 Julian Kurse, Libau 

            going to Uncle Jacob Lebsack in KS,  

     NAGEL, Anna, age 50, female, housewife, going to brother-in-law Jacob Lebsack in KS, also born in Brunnenthal, Russia

             (this line is crossed out, so she didn’t sail  - this was Johannes’s mother, and she did come to the US later)





SS Arabic
Depart Liverpool on 1 Oct 1908
Arrive NY on 10 Oct 1908

    NAGEL, Barbara, age 25, wife, married, tkt paid by husband, going to Mr.
Nagel (her husband) c/o GS Lebsack, Otis KS,  5'2", fair complexion, Fair
Hair, Brown eyes, born Brunnenthal
    NAGEL, Paulina, infant, child, b Libau, daughter (probably brand new baby)
    NAGEL, Alexander, age 7, child, son, born Brunnenthal
    NAGEL, Heinrich, age 5, child, son, born Brunnenthal
    NAGEL, Elizabeth, 22, niece, servant, 5'3", fair complextion, fair hair,
blue eyes, born Brunnenthal, tkt paid by Uncle Mr. Nagel




Name of Ship: "The Grosser Kurfuerst"

departing Bremen and arriving Oct 20, 1908 in NY (Ellis Island)


       HOF, Johannes Georg, age 35, male, farm laborer, nearest relative is father Georg Hof in Brunnental, 5'6" tall, fair complextion, brown eyes and grey hair, going to brother-in-law Kaspar Hartung of 890 Grand Avenue, Portland OR, has $10.

       HOF, Maria Katharina, age 35, female, wife, 4' 10" tall, fair complextion, brown eyes, gray hair

       HOF, Heinrich, son, age 7  (21-24048 9/24/42)

       HOF, Georg, son, age 3 (21-1975)

       HOF Jacob, son, age 2 ( 21-16800  ?/11/40)

       HARTUNG, Heinrich, age 55, widowed, farm laborer,

nearest relative is son-in-law Joh. George Klein of Brunnental, Samara, Russia,  going to son Kaspar Hartung of 890 Grand Ave, Portland OR, has $70 and is 5'3" tall, fair/grey/grey





S.S. Chemnitz,

Departure Bremen 29 Oct 1908

Arrival Baltimore 12 Nov 1908, Galveston 20 Nov 1908

His two sons and families were going to father George Hill in Marion KS in 1908.

     HILL, Friedrich, 28, m (b. 1879)

     HILL, Maria Elis., 26, f (Kister)

     HILL, Maria, 3, f

     HILL, Friedrich, 1 mo, m

     HILL, Goerge, 26, m. (brother?)

     HILL, Anna Marg., 28, f (brothers wife?)

     HILL, Alexander, 5, m.

     HILL, Geor, 3, m

     HILL, Heinrich, 2mo, m

AHSGR Clues - 1984 Edition - Part 2 (from Irma Waggoner)



S.S. Koln

Departure Bremen March 18, 1909

Arrive Galveston TX April 10, 1909

nearest relative father, Philipp Schlotthauer Brunnenthal Russia

all going to Russell, KS

     SCHLOTTHAUER, Johann, age 30, farm laborer, b Rus, German, b Brunnenthal [ 19-4794 3/18/1940]

     SCHLOTTHAUER Anna Elisabeth, age 30, wife

     SCHLOTTHAUER,  Johannes, son, age 9  [19-15563 O/A to Salt Lake City 1/19/42]

     SCHLOTTHAUER, Heinrich, son, age 5  [ 19-9583  2/13/1940 c/a Salt Lake City]


RINs  966,965,8036 & 8050



S.S. Hanover

Depart Bremen 10 June 1909

Arrival Galveston TX 2 July 1909

Going to brother, Jacob Hergert

                    HERGERT, Adam, age 21, male, farm laborer, going to Albert KS, born Brunnenthal

                    HERGERT, Katharina, age 21, female, none, b Rus, going to Albert KS, born Brunnenthal


These are RINs 7504 & 73.




SS Laurentic

all below taking CPR train to destination in Canada

Depart Liverpool, England

Arr Quebec, Canada August 19, 1909


     going to Yorkton Saskatchewan to Brother & son

     LIEBRECHT, Johan A, 56, male, married, b Germany / German, labr, Lutheran

     LIEBRECHT,  Anna M., age 56, female, married, wife, all rest same

     LIEBRECHT,   Adam, age 27, male, single, farm labr, all rest same**

     LIEBRECHT,  George, 14, male, single, farm labr, all rest same*

     LIEBRECHT,  Margaretha, age 23, single, servant, all rest same

     LIEBRECHT, Heinrich, age 7 child

     LIEBRECHT, Adam, age infant

     LIEBRECHT, Marie, age 4, child

*Note by George's name:  9/9/43 19530-32 4/10/1932 (naturalization info)

**Note by Adam's name: #965565


going to Uncle

     ELLENBERGER, John, age 31, male, can't read or write, b Russia, farm labr, Lutheran

     ELLENBERGER , Catherine, age 30, female, b Russia, hwife, same

     ELLENBERGER, Johannes, age 6, male, child

     ELLENBERGER, Alexander, age 2, male, child

     ELLENBERGER, Ottilie, infant, female




Name of Ship:  "S.S. Cedric"

Depart Liverpool 16 Apr 1910

Arrive NY (Ellis Island)  24 April 1910


      Line 5, HARTUNG, Heinrich, age 60, farm laborer, no read, no write


Came to US previously 1907/1909,

going to Oregon, son Casper Hartung living at 829 E 9th St., Portland OR

Dr. Certify senility, 5'7" tall, fresh complextion,  born Brunental, Russia

Nearest relative in Russia:  Brother, Johann Hartung of Brunental, Russia




S.S. Brandenburg

depart Bremen Apr 14, 1910

arrive Baltimore May 1 1910 (also says April 30, 1910)

nearest relative in Russia, Conrad Seibel (half-brother), Brunnenthal, Russia

All below are born in Brunnenthal, Russia -- German

going to Pigeon MI to brother-in-law, Jacob Sibel (says Higel, but his wife is a Seibel).


          SEIBEL, Wilhelm, age 36, farm laborer, 5'6" tall, blue eyes, fair complexion

           SEIBEL, Maria, age 34, housewife, 5'4" tall, blue eyes

          SEIBEL, Jacob, son, age 9, 5' 7" tall, blue eyes

          SEIBEL, Louise, daughter, age 7 3/4, 4' 6" tall, blue eyes

          SEIBEL, Wilhelm, son, age 6 3/4, 4' 6" tall, blue eyes

          SEIBEL, Maria, daughter, age 3, blue eyes

          SEIBEL, Paulina, daughter, age 10 months, blue eyes


- - - -


From Saratow, Brunnenthal,

nearest relative, father, Konrad Miller, Brunnenthal, Samara, Russia,

Going to cousin, Heinrich Jacob Kister, Odessa WA


          Müller/Miller, Jacob, age 26, farm laborer, German,

          Müller/Miller, Maria, age 28, housewife, German

          Müller/Miller, Amalie, age 3, daughter, single

          Müller, Miller, Jacob, age 4 months, son, single




S.S. Lusitania

Depart Liverpool 7 May 1910

Arrive NY (Ellis Island)  May 13, 1910


                    WACHER, Adam, age 48, b Brunenthal, 5' 4" tall  [where was his wife??]

                    WACHER, Agust, son, age 4, b Brunenthal

                    WACHER, Marie, servant, age 17, b Bruenthal, 5'3" tall  (was she his daughter?)


nearest relative brother Henry Wacher in Brunenthal,

going to cousin George Ribenshoff in Lincoln NE

[This is RIN 6530, 773 and 774 in Brunnental Data Bank]




The Kronprinz Frederich Wilhelm

Departed Bremen on Feb 18, 1911

Arrival NY on Feb 28, 1911


     ECKHARDT, George, age 28, farm laborer, 5'5" tall, fair complexion, black hair, brown eyes

     ECKHARDT, Amalie, age 23, housewife, 4' 11" tall, fair complexion, black hair, brown eyes

     ECKHARDT, Samuel, son, age 2

     ECKHARDT, Martha, daughter, age 6 months

Going to cousin Jakob Löbsack, Otis Kansas

Nearest Relative in country where you came from:  Father, David Eckhardt, Brunnenthal, Samara

All 3 born in Brunnenthal, Samara

Had $80.00 upon entry into US

     LEBSACK, Heinrich, age 46, married, farmer, (citizen of US – La Crosse, KS), been to US before?  Yes, twice 1899 & 1910, going to Hoisington KS (Otis, KS), relative in Russia is Uncle Andreas Lobsack of Brunnenthal, Russia.   11-268982  12/21/1940



S.S. Hanover

Depart from Bremen 2 Aug 1911

Arrive Galveston 15 Sep 1911


      STEINMETZ, Georg, age 38, male, married b Russia going to Ft. Morgan CO, born Brunnenthal

      STEINMETZ, Katarin Elis., age 37, female, married, b Russia, housewife, going to Ft. Morgan CO and born in Brunnenthal


*Closest Relative in Russia: Father-in-law, Johannes Lehr, Samara; going to Brother-in-law, Jakob Lehr in Ft. Morgan CO.




Note:  The following passenger list [S.S. Canada] was extracted from the AHSGR Clues - 1988 Edition, Part 1.  


S.S. Canada

Departure Liverpool, 18 Nov 1911

Arrival Portland, ME 28 Nov 1911

        LIEBRECHT, Jacob, 54, farm laborer, from Pomlamka?, going to Yorkton, Saskatchewan, CAN

                                , Katerine, 52, wife

                                , Heinrich, 16, farm laborer

[Could this be the Liebrecht family which lives in Canada - RIN #s 18574 & 16976}


Note:  The following passenger list [S.S. Canada] was extracted from the AHSGR Clues - 1988 Edition, Part 1.  For copies of this publication, please write to AHSGR, 631 D Street, Lincoln NE 68502-1199 or contact them by phone at 402-474-3363, or by FAX at  402-474-7229 or by Email at:   ahsgr@aol.com




S.S. Canada

Depart Liverpool on 20 January 1912

Arrive Portland, ME on 29 January 1912


                    STEINMETZ, Jacob, 23, farm laborer from Brunnental to                Chicago, IL [RIN 560]

                                     , Maria, 24, wife [maiden KRAMER, RIN 18782]

                                , Alexander, 1, infant [RIN 18783]



S.S. Haverford

Depart Liverpool 1 Feb 1912

Arrive Philadelphia PA on 13 Feb 1912


                    POPPENHEIM, Jacob,  age 28, born Unterdorf, father: Jacob Popenheim of Unterdorf, Russia, going to Portland, OR

                    POPPENHEIM, Maria Elizabeth,  age 26

                    POPPENHEIM, Eva,  daughter, age 6

                    POPPENHEIM, Marie, daughter, age 3

                    POPPENHEIM, Emilie,  daughter, age 2

                    POPPENHEIM, Wilhelm, son,  age 11 months

These are RINs 7300 & 7305 etc.  in the Brunnental Data Bank


                    BECKER, Alex, age 28, farmer, b Brunnenthal, father, Jacob Becker, going to Farmington, WA to brother David Becker who’s been there 5 yrs.

                    BECKER, Marie, age 28, wife, b Brunnenthal,

                    BECKER, Wilhelm, infant, age 3 months, male

Naturalization info for Alex and Marie:  Alex:1000569  26-6712 Aug 14, 1934 / Marie:21-14555-203884-6/9 Oct 15, 1938

These are RINs  1869, 2421 & 6187 in the Brunnental Data Bank


                    MELLINGER, Friedrich, age 38, farm laborer, b Brunenthal, father, Frederick Mellinger, going to Lehigh, KS

                    MELLINGER, Katharine, age 36, wife, b Brunnenthal

                    MELLINGER, Amalie, age 14, daughter, domestic servant

                   MELLINGER, Alexander, age 7, son, child

These are RINs8374, 8381, 8382, 8380


                    STERKEL, Heinrich, age 30, farm laborer, b Brunnenthal , mother Margaret Sterkel in Brunnenthal, going to Portland, OR

                    STERKEL, Marie, age 20, housewife, b Brunnental

These are RINs  37219, 37220


                    LINKER,  Heinrich, age 25, male, farm laborer, b Brunnenthal, married, nearest relative in Russia is wife, Maria Linker, going to Portland, OR to b-i-l, J. B. Dreit, 912 Grand Ave,

This is RIN 1319






S.S. Ausonia

Departure 7 March 1912 Southhampton

Arrival 17 March 1912 Portland, Maine


                    ASCHENBRENNER,  Emelie, age 22, wife, married, b Brondal (Brunnental),  5’3” , blond, blue eyes

                                     nearest relative in Russia:  father, L. Aschenbrenner,

                                     going to Portland OR to husband Jacob Aschenbrenner


                    KINDVATER, Johan, 25, b Brunnental,  [RIN 20391], nearest relative in Russia, brother J. Kindsvater, Brunnental

                                            , Anna, 24, b Brunnental, wife, going to Hastings NE to friend, Henry Hamburg, 395 S Colorado Ave., Hastings NE


Note:  The following passenger list [S.S. Austonia] were also found at AHSGR in publication called:  Clues -1989 Edition. 

For copies of this publication, please write to AHSGR, 631 D Street, Lincoln NE 68502-1199 or contact them by phone at 402-474-3363,

 or by FAX at 402-474-7229 or by  Email at:   ahsgr@aol.com







Depart from Bremen 21 Mar 1912;

Arrive Balitmore 


going to Lincoln NE to brother, Jakob Schauermann, 441 F. Street, Lincoln NE; b. Brunnental Russia

  SCHAUERMANN, Johann, age 36, from Russia, German nationality;

  SCHAUERMANN, Johannes, father,  of Brunnental, Samara, Russia; 

  SCHAUERMANN, Marie, age 37, wife

  SCHAUERMANN,  Johann, age 19

  SCHAUERMANN, Alex, age 11

  SCHAUERMANN Jacob, age 8

  SCHAUERMANN Wilhelm, age 7

  SCHAUERMANN Samuel, age 4

  SCHAUERMANN Maria, age 2




S.S. Ultonia

sailing from Southampton 23 Apr 1912

Arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia on 7 May 1912


going to bro-in-law, David Ehlenberger, 189 E 19th St., Portland OR

BECKER, Johannes, age 25, male, married, labr., b Russia, German, last place of res Libau russia

BECKER, Amelia, age 25, female, married, wife, same  [note: she was an Ehlenberger]

BECKER, Amalia, age 4, female, single, child, same

BECKER, Carl, age 2, male, single, child, same


All born in Brunnenthal, Russia

nearest relative in Russia, Johan Becker, half? (what does this say?)





SS Rhein

Depart Bremen on May 23, 1912

Arrive Baltimore June 6, 1912

     KAUFMANN, * Konrad 39 m m farm laborer yy Russia German Brunnenthal, Rus Popowkina, Rus
     KAUFMANN, Anna 36 f m housewife nn Russia German Brunnenthal, Rus Popowkina, Rus
     KAUFMANN, Olinda 2 f s child nn Russia German Brunnenthal, Rus Popowkina, Rus
     KAUFMANN, Clara 6 mon f s child nn Russia German Brunnenthal, Rus Popowkina, Rus

[Note: -- brother - Heinrich Kaufmann, Brunnenthal, Sam.Rus;

brother - Jacob Kaufman, 1206 N. 7, Grand.Jct, CO]



S. S. Russia

Depart Libau 23 July 1912

Arrive New York 4 Aug 1912

    SAIBEL (Seibel), Adam, age 30, male, married, laborer, b Russia ****

    SAIBEL (Seibel),, Jakow, age 20, male, single, laborer, b Russia

    SAIBEL (Seibel),, Konrad, age 16, male, single, laborer, b Russia

all going to J. Reifschneider, brother-in-law, living at 49 Berlin Street, Newark NJ

all three 5' 5" tall, dark complextion, dark hair and brown eyes

***nearest relative for Adam:  wife, Katharine Saibel and father Adam Saibel, both living in Brunnental, Samara, Russia.

All three men born in Brunnental, Russia

Konrad has note next to his name:  10/14/1938 #659854, 1-110113 (this is probably # for naturalization – notes made at a later date)


(These three brothers are RIN 16135, 1116, & 35990 in the Brunnental Data Bank)





S.S. Franconia

Depart Liverpool 15 Oct 1912

Arrive Boston 23 Oct 1912


All below were born in Brunnental

Going to brother-in-law, Emanuel Walker R7D#2, Scottsbluff, NE

Nearest relative is brother, Alexander Loos from Brunnenthal, Russia


          LOOS, Heinrich, age 26, laborer, 5'41/2", dark complexion, black hair, brown eyes, 15-7305

          LOOS, Anna, age 25, hwife, 5'3", same

          LOOS, Emanuel, age 3, child, same

          LOOS , Jacob, age 16, laborer, adopted nephew, 5'4", dark complexion, black hair, brown eyes****

[Note: next to Jacob's name is not about him being an adopted nephew, and a note which looks like it says "in Apr 1912 wed, but hard to read")







S.S. Czar

Depart Libau on Oct 15, 1912

Arrive NY October 28, 1912,

         going to H. Hergert, (brother-in-law) in Portland, Oregon -- nearest relative in Russia is brother, Georg Nagel of Brunnenthal, Samara, Russia.


             NAGEL, Jacob, 39, married, male, farm laborer

             NAGEL, Anna, 39 married, female, wife

             NAGEL, Heinrich, 16, single, male, farm laborer

             NAGEL, Jacob 14, single, male, farm laborer

             NAGEL, Elias, 10, single, male, child

             NAGEL, Maria, 9, single, female, child

             NAGEL, Adam, 4, single, male, child

             NAGEL, Rozalia, 8 months, single, female, child

Going to H. H. Hergert in Portland, OR, who is brother-in-law (brother of Anna).  Also note near Adam's name....probably his declaration of intent to naturalize #  21-20266  4/11/41.  (RIN 1724)



S. S. Dominion

Departure Libau, Russia 1 Oct 1912 via Liverpool [Oct 30, 1912?]

Arrive Philadelphia 11 Nov 1912


                    MULLER/MILLER, Heinrich, 38

                                                 , Charlotta, [Hamburg]

                                                 , Anna, 12

                                                 , Wilhelm 10

                                                 , David, 4

                                                , Emma, 1

Information from naturalization papers.


                    MULLER/MILLER, Conrad, 36, Going to Portland, OR

                                                 , Elizabeth, 36  [Klein]

                                                , Conrad,

                                                 , Heinrich,

                                                 , Friedrich,

                                                  , Anna Elizabeth,

                                                 , Marie,

                                                  , Amalia (Molly),

                                                  , Johannes,

[Information from biography in Book, Germans From Russia Prior to1940 in the Yakima Valley.]



S.S. Megantic

Depart Liverpool England Nov 9, 1912

Arrive Quebec Canada Nov 17, 1912


         ASCHENBRENNER, Johannes, age 31, male, married, farm labr, b Brunnenthal Russia,


going to brother, Jacob Ashenbrenner, 826 E 7th St, Portland OR

ticket paid by brother, has $11 in pocket,

5' 5" tall, brown hair, blue eyes, last residence Brunnental


RIN 45516




S.S. Main

Depart Bremen Nov 21, 1912

Arrive Baltimore Dec 7, 1912


going to Forbes, North Dakota to friend Jacob Gebhardt,

nearest relative in Russia brother Jacob Steinmetz from Brunnenthal, Samara;

$50 in pocket, and all born in Brunnenthal, Samara, Russia


    STEINMETZ, Salomon, age 29, male, married, farm laborer, German, from Brunnenthal, 5'8", blue, brown

    STEINMETZ, Maria Kath., age 27, female, home wife, German, from Brunnenthal, 5'4", blue, brown hair

    STEINMETZ, Maria, age 4, female, single, child

    STEINMETZ, Alexander, age 2, male, single, child

    STEINMETZ, Salomon, age 4 months, male, single, infant




S. S. Czar,

Depart  Libau Russia  Nov 26, 1912

Arriving NY (Ellis Island)  Dec 9, 1912


                    WEITZEL, Heinrich, age 27, male, farmer, 5'7" tall, light, fair, grey eyes

                    WEITZEL, Katharina, age 19, female, wife, 5' tall, light, dark, brown eyes

                    WEITZEL, male baby, born at sea on 29/11 (Nov 29th, 1912)


 From Brunental, Russia, going to brother, G. Weitzel, box 156, Windsor, Colorado

Nearest relative in Russia:  mother, Katharina Weitzel in Brunnendahl, Russia.



SS Barbarossa

Depart Bremen 7 Dec 1912

Arrive Baltimore 22 Dec 1912



SCHAUERMANN, Jakob, age 29 [? written over]; from Russia, German; born Brunnenthal

                                                                  Amalia age 28, wife; b. Brunnenthal

                                                                  Wilhelm age 11/12, b. Brunnenthal


Nearest relative or friend in country whence alien came: father, Johs. Schauermann, Brunnenthal Russia;

Going to: Lincoln Nebr.; going to: friend, Jakob Krieger 441 F. Street Lincoln NE

All three from Brunnenthal, Russia

[These are RIN 5131, 5137 & 5646 in the Brunnental Data Bank]



The Neckar

Depart Bremen Dec 21, 1912

Arrive NY Jan 2, 1913


                     DIETZ, Heinrich,  age, 29, laborer, 5’3” tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, all 3 born Brunnenthal                            

                    DIETZ, Katharina, age 28, housewife, 5’2” tall, blonde hair, brown eyes, problem with left eye?                  

                    DIETZ, Jacob , age 11 months, infant (in hospital)


Nearest relative in Brunnenthal, Samara, Russia is mother, Maria Dietz.

Going to Georg Hoff, of 301 Failing Street, in Portland OR (brother in law)

(Notes on list:  Heinrich Dietz, 21-9884 3/25/1936)

                        Katharina Dietz, 21-98__?, 3/25/1936

                        Jacob Dietz, 21-21170  5/21/1941               



S.S. Hamburg

Depart Hamburg 24 Dec 1912

Arrive New York date unknown

All below from Brunnenthal, Russia


BREHM, Jakob, age 29, head

BREHM, Maria, age 29, wife

BREHM, Maria, age 7, daughter

BREHM, Amalia, age 3, daughter

BREHM, Jakob, 10/12, son


These are RINs 3785, 1761, 1762, 11064, & 51106




Depart Bremen  4 Mar 1913;

Arrive Baltimore 20 Mar 1913;

lines 26-27:


     HARTUNG, Johannes, age 25, farmer, from Russia; nationality, German; from Brunnental Russia;

     HARTUNG, Katharina, age 24, wife (blind in left eye)


nearest relative is  Johannes Hartung , father, Brunnental Russia;

going to Lincoln NE to brother-in-law, Jakob Shauermann 441 F. St. Lincoln NE;

[This is RIN 5129 & 5135 in the Brunnental Data Bank]



S. S. Adriatic

Depart Liverpool ________?

Arrive April 18, 1913

Names on this passenger list were crossed out…..denied entry. (see note below)


                    LEHR, Heinrich, age 60, farm laborer, b Brunnenthal, no friends in Brunnental

                    LEHR, Ekaterina, age 59, wife

                    LEHR, Johann, age 16, laborer

                    LEHR, Jacob, age 10, child


Going to Russell, KS

Names were crossed out on this passenger list, and naturalization records for Johann above shows that he came to US again via Philadelphia on 12 May 1913!!!!

[This is RIN 12708, 21617 in Brunnental Data Bank]


S. S. ?????  (need copy of this passenger list)

Depart ?????

Arrive Philadelphia on 12 May 1913

                    LEHR family above



S.S. Haverford

Depart Liverpool, England April 23, 1913

Arrive Philadelphia PA, May 6, 1913


     ASCHENBRENNER, Marie, age 31, wife, married, German,  5/0”, dark complexion, dark hair, brown eyes, all born Novocenzko

     ASCHENBRENNER, Emilie, age 3, child

     ASCHENBRENNER, Jacob, age 6 months, infant

     ASCHENBRENNER, Marie, age 9, child


last residence Novoczenko, Samarski, going to Portland Oregon

nearest relative in country where you came from: father Johannes Aschenbrenner

Fare paid by husband, has $8, going to Johannes Aschenbrenner, 826 E 7th St., Portland OR  (Father came to us in Nov 1912)

Naturalization notes by: Emilie: Aug 14, 1936 112356 do 21-10893

                                            Jacob: Apr 10, 1940 17284  do 219126





SS Laconia

Depart Liverpool 10 June 1913

Arrive Boston 19 June 1913


All below born in Brunnenthal, nearest relative Mother,  Katerina Hartung in Brunnenthal, Russia

Going to friend, Adam Bauer, 395 or 392 Kuisbrmouth St., Portland OR (can't read)

Note:  They had previously spent 13 years in Portland, but left in 1911 for Russia)


          HARTUNG, Jacob, age 41, married (21-23703 4/5/43) ,5'7" , dark complexion, black hair, brown eyes

          HARTUNG, Maria, age 31, married (21- 17222  6/24/42), 5'3" tall, dark complexion, black hair, br eyes

          HARTUNG, Alfred, age 9, child

          HARTUNG, Frieda, age 3 months, child




Note:  The following passenger list [S.S. Haverford] was extracted from the AHSGR Clues - 1982 Edition (part 1).  For copies of this publication, please write to AHSGR, 631 D Street, Lincoln NE 68502-1199 or contact them by phone at 402-474-3363, or by FAX at  402-474-7229 or by Email at:   ahsgr@aol.com


S.S. Haverford

Departure Liverpool 15 October 1913

Arrival Philadelphia 27 October 1913


                    KISTER, Wilhelm, 51, male, farm laborer

                             , Eugenia, 46, female, wife

                             , Emilia, 18, female, domestic

                             , Adam, 9, male, child

                             , Wilhelm, 5, male, child

                             , Friedrich, 4, male, child

                             , Alexander, 2, male, child


Going to Fresno, CA.  [This is Mrs. Sharon (Kister) Robinson ‘s family, from Brunnental — her father is Alexander Kister.   They are RIN #’s   21258 - 21264 in the Brunnental Data Bank]



S.S. Dominion

Depart Liverpool

Arrive Philadelphia 5/8/1919,

ship #1349

  1) Mallinger, Friedrich, age11, from Brunnenthal, Volga

  2) Mallinger, Marie, age 17, from Brunnenthal, Volga


 Also published in the HERITAGE REVIEW, volune 22, #3, p 31:

     Mallinger, Maria, 11

                        Marie, 17

    from Brunionthal

on the ship "Dominion", leaving Liverpool going to Philadelphia arriving on the 8th of May 1919.





SS George Washington

Depart Bremen 2 Aug 1922

Arrive NY (Ellis Island) 11 Aug 1922


                    SEIBEL, GEORG, age 25, single, farm laborer, 5’9”, fair, blonde, green eyes


going to Uncle Heinrich Miller, 835 E 6th N, Portland OR

George is born Brunnenthal, Russia, of German Descent, from Keikberg or Heilsberg Germany?

[George is RIN 18687 in Brunnental Data Bank]



SS Oscar II

Departed Copenhagen 9 Jan 1923

Arrived New York 22 Jan 1923

Final destination, Odessa WA


                    GRUNWALD, Heinrich, age 19, passage paid by Uncle, Konrad Uhlrich, Odessa WA, b Samara

                    GRUNWALD,  Martha, age 20, married, wife, b Samara, Russia


“””names are x’d out

Physical Characteristics: Heinrich: dark hair, grey eyes / Martha dark hair and brown eyes

Note at bottom of manifest, “Heinrich and Martha Grunwald, not shipped”

Nearest relative:  Father H. Grunwald, Brunnenthal.




SS Hellig Olav (name of ship)

Arriving Feb 6, 1923 at New York  

Departed from Copenhagen


****(but it doesn't look like they were admitted...names are X'd off)

Note at bottom says “Grunwald, Heinrich, Martha and Emma – Did Not Sail”


                    GRONWALD, Heinrich, age 19, farm laborer   [all XX’d out by typewriter]

                    GRONWALD, Martha, age 20, wife (both parents born in Brunnenthal, Russia)

                    GRONWALD, Emma, age 1 month, born Klosto__erir_s Germany (can’t read name)


Fares paid by Uncle, but can’t read his name – see above entry, probably is Konrad Uhrich, Odessa WA




SS Tyrrhenia

Departing Hamburg Germany July 23, 1923

Arriving Boston 01 Aug 1923



          SCHMIDT, Peter, single, age 26, born Brunnenthal, 6’ tall, fair complexion, red hair, grey eyes

          SCHMIDT, Alexander , single,  age 20, born Brunnenthal, 6’ tall, fair complexion, red hair, grey eyes

Nearest relative brother, Jakob Schmidt Brunnenthal, Russia

Going to brother Georg Schmidt, Windsor CO

(They are brothers, and RINs 5380 & 10329 in the Brunnental Data Bank)



          KAMMERZEL, Amelia, age 28, hwife, born Brunnenthal, 5’ tall, fair, black hair, brown eyes

          KAMMERZEL, Bertha, child, age 8, born Brunnenthal, fair, black hair, brown eyes

Nearest relative, friend Erich Braun in Frankfurt, Germany

Going to brother Jakob Brehm, 135 E Lewis Street, Hastings NE



S.S. Muenchen

Depart Bremen Aug 30, 1923

Arrive NY Sept 10, 1923


All below were born in Brunnenthal, Samara, Russia, but last residence was Frankfurt, Germany.


                    BREHM, Alexander, 37, male, married, farmer, 5'10" tall, blue eyes, grey hair,

                                          (another note says he is missing part of his right index finger)/

                    BREHM, Minna, age 11, daughter of Alexander, in hospital but discharged, 22A 2758 6/26/1942

- - - - 

                    BREHM, Johannes, age 34, male, married, farmer, height is 5' 10"

                                         going to brother Wilhelm Brehm in Denver,

                                          nearest relative is sister Marie Seibel,              

                    BREHM, Elizabeth, age 34, housewife, married,

                                         going to brother-in-law Wilhelm Brehm in Denver,

                                         nearest relative is sister-in-law, Marie Seibel in Brunnenthal.

                                          Height is 5'8" , 11-210145-- 5/5/39       (mention of a tumor on right ????)

                    BREHM, Maria, age 12, female, single, 11A-2754-3/28/1942

                    BREHM, Johannes, age 11, male, single,

                    BREHM, Frieda, age 4, female, single


going to brother Wilhelm Brehm in Denver CO living at 1410 Broadway,

relative in Russia is sister, Marie Seibel of Brunnenthal, Samara, Russia



S.S. Andania

Dep Hamburg 5 May 1926

Arrive NY 17 May 1926


relative: Wilhelm Schreiner, alt Fresenburg bei Oldesloe,

going to Fort Collins, CO to brother-in-law Jakob Groth, Route 1 Box 22,

all below were born Brunnental


     STEHLE, Elisabeth, age 54, mother, wid, German from Russia

     STEHLE, Amalia, age 22, single, domestic,

     STEHLE, Catatherine, age 20, domestic, single

     STEHLE, Wilhelm, age 11, scholar, single





SS Empress of Scotland

Depart Hamburg Germany 13 Oct 1927

Arrive Quebec Canada ---? Oct 1927


     SCHAEFER, Pauline, 45, single, b Brunnenthal Russia, German, domestic,


going to L.I.B. West in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Nearest relative: Katharina Schaeffer, Grossen-Rade, near Hastedt, Germany


RIN 31224