The Village of Brunnental, Russia (called Kriwojar in Russian) located on the east side of the Volga River, was first founded in 1855 by villagers from the mother colonies of Frank, Kolb, Walter, and Norka. These villagers needed more land, so they headed for the East side of the Volga River (Samara region) in search of a site for a new village. They found such a sight where the landscape formed the perfect setting for their new village, a natural valley with an abundant water supply. That is where Brunnental got its name meaning -- "well-valley".

The Samara region, more commonly called the Wiesenseite (valley or meadow side), was a well-watered rolling steppeland reaching from the Volga River to the Ural Mountains and south to Tsaritsyn (Volgograd). The Saratov side, the Bergseite (hilly side) reflected a terrain of hills and level areas. Both regions were well suited to agriculture.

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We also now have a FACEBOOK Group for Brunnental, so visit our FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE. You will enjoy chatting with other researchers.

Check out our new section showing WWI DRAFT REGISTRATIONS (1917-1918)!

This section includes information taken from the WWI Draft Registration Forms, filled out by all those eligible for the draft in 1917-1918.

Check out our new section showing Artifacts From Brunnental!

This section includes pictures and desciptions of artifacts brought from Brunnental.

Passenger Lists of Brunnentalers!

This section includes passenger lists of everyone we have currently found arriving in the US from Russia or Germany.

14 Issues of the Brunnental Village Newsletter -- Live, On The Internet

Or you might want to read 14 back issues of the Frank/Brunnental Village Newsletter, available right here on the internet in .pdf format.(1992-1996)

Village History

This section includes interviews and written histories provided by various villagers who once lived in Brunnental or who have recently visited Brunnental.

There are recent photos from David Karber on in June 2005 trip to Brunnental.

There are also photos from Steve Schreiber's visit to Brunnental in 2001.

Surnames and Family Histories

This section includes the 1923 Poem of Brunnental by Rev. Elias Hergert which mentions over 295 people who once lived in Brunnental.

Information about the St. Paul's Evangelical & Reformed Church in Portland, Oregon where both Rev. Jacob Hergert and Rev. Elias Hergert preached

A Picture of a school class in 1935/36 taken in Brunnental with identification of persons. NOTE, NEW NAMES HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED!!!

And a listing of SURNAMES for those coming from the village of Brunnental.

And a GEDLIST files for over 17,000 descendants of Brunnental by surname.

And a photo of the 1934 First Grade Class in Brunnental with a few children identified. (photo courtesy of Anna Spieker).

And a photo taken in 1938 of the Motor-Traktor station (MTC) in Brunnental, and The MTC was also responsible for the other villages. (courtesy of Albert Sartorius), with identification.

And a photo taken in 1940 of the Motor-Traktor station (MTC) in Brunnental (courtesy of Albert Sartorius)


This section includes how to order maps for the village of Brunnental--Circa 1912 or Circa 1940

And other related maps showing the mills and bridges in Brunnental

Check out our new section showing EWZ Indexes of persons who applied for German citizenship during the 1939-1945 time period

. At this time, all we have are indexes, but we are looking into finding the actual information (see below) in the upcoming months.

These collections on the films are arranged by country or region, with individual's files in alphabetical order by family name. Only a portion of these films are indexed at this time. Much of the collection is for researchers with Black Sea, Krim, Kaukasus roots, but we have also found some Volga German, and some from Brunnental.

In these files the following types of documents are found:
1) Personal family histories [Personalblatt]
2) Application for naturalization [Einbuergerungsantrag]
3) Often photos [Hitlerjungend]
4) Names, birth dates and places, residence in Russia, and stamped with date of issue [ Volkstumsausweis Certificat]
5) Life story [Lebenslauf]

Locating Relatives

This section gives you information on how to locate relatives through the "Query" section of the Newsletter.

Contacts can also be made through Newspapers in Germany and Russia.

Relatives can also be found through Organizations in the US and South America.

Unidentified Photos?

This section contains unidentified photos. Can you help identify them?

Repression Lists of Those From Brunnental - those who were politically persecutied.

This section contains a list of Brunnental citizens (surnames starting with A, B, and G only) that were politically persecuted.

Many thanks to Steve Schreiber for his help in procuring these records, and the translation.

Sherrie Stahl, Editor & AHSGR Village Coordinator


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